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Please welcome our new staff member....

03/04/2012 13:15
-StarFyre-! Normally I would do some fancy fireworks or what not, but this update box doesn't have a coding box. xD Anyways, welcome to the Team! Text art will have to do...

Areas to Check Out!

11/06/2011 09:18
Areas to Check Out!  Powerpets Plus is going up again! We have re-submitted our site and it should be reviewed in a few days! We have a bunch of new features, almost every area of this site (major areas) have been re-did in some way or another. We have added the awesomely cool new...

New Features!

10/29/2011 10:05
New Features! Wow! We've been gone for a little bit longer than expected! Good News though! We have added LOTS of new things for you guys! So things that were added:   PAW Clicker   Image Uploader (For Profiles) Profile Creator New Buttons for...


09/07/2011 16:28
Welcome Welcome to Powerpets Plus. We are going to be working on this site constantly very soon! We will be changing it every day and making it the best! Want to help out during this time? [CLICK HERE] We will be recuiting managers, artists, writers, editors, etc.  Please...


08/21/2011 14:58
Sorry! The contruction to the new site we are adding to Powerpets Plus is taking a bit longer than we had expected. It should be completed by the first of the coming month! Thank You for understanding, The Team at Powerpets Plus! @@

Kim's Mayor Survey - July

07/26/2011 14:57
Cities questioned in this month's survey conducted by: Hawaiian_Kim: Kuvasz, Eagle, and Somali. Hello, My name is Hawaiian_Kim or HK and over the past few weeks, I have been interviewing the current mayors of PP cities. I asked them a series of questions, which I will post below and they answered...

Making the Money

07/26/2011 14:55
These are my personal experiences in making Powerpets profits. Make sure to armor your pets, do lots of quest, and apply for jobs to gather up a good amount of purchase credits to spend in wholesale shops. When I spend all of my purchase credits and still feel like buying to sell via wholesale...


07/26/2011 14:46
Hi, I'm Lady_Sapphira. You can usually find me on the boards chatting with buddies or answering Powerpets questions. I try my best to participate in everything on this site. I enjoy helping players get the most out of Powerpets and be happy here.

Powerpets Plus Mascot!

07/25/2011 09:57
  Powerpets Plus Mascot! Consider this our mascot! Some people loved the idea of this, and I thought "Why Not?" So I created another one and here it is! Let's see how many people like Powerpets Plus!  MichaelCrystal - Owner  

New Homepage!

07/24/2011 08:03
 Go & check out the new homepage for Powerpets Plus! Due to me (MichaelCrystal) getting ready for school again (oh joy! :P) I will not be doing too much with the site, but my hard working team of about 40 temps (not listed on staff page) and perm. (are listed on staff page) will keep it...
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