Art Contest

The Work of Art, located in East New Barkston, is where you can take part in art contests.
Any time a new contest begins, if you're interested in entering you can find the rules in the Work of Art building. There you can find the requirements for the current contest, as well as the submission dates, and voting dates. You'll also find the size requirements, and the types of files that are accepted.
Once you've created your artwork, you may upload your image from the Upload link, also in the Work of Art.
When voting begins, head back to Work of Art and click the Vote found under Active Contests. You are given 10 points, which you can use all on one image, or spread them out over as many as you like.
There are three age categories, Chubbs, Gekkie, and Bubba. Each image has which category it's in listed under it, and a winner will be picked from each one.
The winners of each category receive a prize, and a random winner will also be picked out of everyone who votes, so even if you do not enter the contest, be sure to vote for a chance to win!


Written by PaganRain