PAWS Guide

   PAWS also knowen as the Pet Adopt World.
This site is a click off from Powerpets.
It helps support different animal shealters. These shelters are called: HART, PeeWee's Pet Adoption, and Helping Homless Pets Inc.

First of all you need to know, you
can't suggest another shealter for this website at the moment.
People often ask "How many pets can you have?" Well, the answer to that is up to 50 pets at the moment. There will be more pets allowed as the site grows bigger.

PAWS pets are indeed seprated from those on Powerpets.
Now, this guide will explain the Click Points Chart. You can use
these points to buy things for your Click Pets.

You get 2,500 hundred Click Points for your first pet. All the pets you get after that will give you 1,000 Click Points. Every time you play with someone's pet, you will get 2 Click Points. Every time someone plays with your pet, you get 10 Click Points.

Now, time to go over statues.
When you have a normal status, you can have 3 pets. When you upgrade to a Gold Status, you can have 4 pets. Once at Diamond, you can have 40 pets.

To configure your pets you go to the  and you click the items you have bought and then
click reload. Which then you can move the items around and save the picture you want
and last but not least, yes this site does earn money for shelters.
Don't forget to....

Written by: Lightbulbshield, Kittygirl14, & Paganrain