East Newbarkston


Job Agency
It is the dark blue building. There you can do jobs and earn powerbucks. Taking on a job requires a job card. There are Job agency Power cards. Those are blue, and there are Job agency Gold cards. Those are golden and pay more powerbucks than the blue cards and you don't have to wait as long to do another job. The job consists of buying or finding one or more items. Once you have all the items asked for, in your backpack, you give the items to the job agency and you get paid!

Fortune Cookie Machine
It is the small red vending machine next to the Job Agency. If you have a lucky silver coin in your backpack, you can insert the coin into the machine and it will give you a random good or bad fortune.

Evolutions Building
It is the light blue, egg shaped building. There you can hatch mini eggs! There are several types of mini eggs out there, all different kinds of mini's! Once you have an egg you want to hatch in your backpack you go the the Evolutions building and click on it, then click incubate. It normally takes four to five days for the incubation process to be completed. You must tend to your egg every day. After you tend to it you have 22 hours before you have to tend to it again. You will have 14 hours to give the egg what it requires. After the last day when you tend to it, it will hatch and you will have a brand new mini!

Book Haven
This is the one of the three small brown buildings. Book Haven is on the far left. There you can purchase books that Powerpets players have written. Once you purchase a book, it will show up in your backpack. Place it on your bookshelf to read it.

This is the small brown building on the far right side of the trio. This is another store where you can purchase books Powerpets players have written.

Hydration Station
This is the small brown building in between the other two in the trio. There you can purchase various drinks for when your pets are thirsty.

Swap Barn
This is the red barn. There you can trade items for powerbucks or you can trade powerbucks for items, you can even trade items for items! If you see a swap you wish to offer on, click the 'make offer' button on the swap you want. Then click the items you wish to trade, or list how many powerbucks you wish to offer. Once you have entered your decision, click create offer. If the player agrees with what you are offering they will accept it and you will get the swap! If you create a swap you have to choose the items you wish to create a swap with and wait for a player to offer on it. You can also gift your items to players in the Swap barn. You can advertise your swaps by clicking on 'My Ads' under the Settings tab at the top of your screen.

Work Of Art
This is the dark green building in the center of East New Barkston. When art contests are held you can enter your very own art! If you aren't much of an artist you can also vote on which art submissions you think are best instead.

Wheel Of Chance
This is the large wheel beside the Work Of Art building. If you have a wheel of chance token, you can play it with the Wheel Of Chance to win random items.

Outlet Manager
This is the building with the large turtle shell on the roof. There you can search items that are sold in the warehouse outlets. Finding out what you can restock for your shop!

Ticket Booth
This is the small hut beside the fortune cookie machine. There you can play tickets you have collected in various events. There are four kinds of tickets, and you can win Powerbucks if you play them right.

Ancient Museum
This is the light green building with the large windows. There you can submit artefacts that you have dug up with Miles in Tanos. You can submit items and get points to spend in the Gift Shop. You can also view your current skeletons and check the Top Archeologists leader board.

Riksja Driver
This is the man named Ric standing under the Wheel of Chance. There you can submit 12 different pieces of the same map and pay a small fee of 1,000 Powerbucks. Once you have done so, he will follow the map and take you to the object where it leads. There are three kinds of maps, there is the Evolutions Puzzle Piece map, the Sticky Puzzle Piece map, and the Bark Puzzle Piece map. You can obtain the Evolutions pieces, by buying them from player shops, swaps or doing the Dark Guardian quest. You can obtain the Sticky Pieces by buying them from player shops, swaps or doing the Gekkie's Greed Quest. You can obtain the Bark Pieces by buying them in player shops, swaps, or doing the Creepy Caves Quest.

Gekkie's Greed Quest
This is the green lizard running around East New Barkston. He is quick but if you can catch him, you can do the quest. Gekkie will ask you for a weapon and you must go find, buy or swap for it. Once you have the weapon(s) Gekkie wants, in your backpack, you can go back to Gekkie and give these items to him. Once you give him the items he asks for, he will give you a Sticky Puzzle Piece in return.