Hatching Evolutions Eggs 



 Click on “World Map.” Then go to the city called East New Barkston. The blue egg-shaped building would be the building you need to enter. Select the Evolutions Egg that you want to hatch. You can only hatch one mini at a time. Now put the Evolutions Egg in the incubator. 

 After entering your egg in the incubator, you will need to come back for several days in a row. You don't always need to come back at the exact same time, though there are some time restrictions. Every incubation stage takes 22 hours. After these 22 hours, you will have 14 hours to tend to your egg. If possible, the best solution is to return at the same time every day.

 On day 1, 3 and 5, you will need to bring incubator materials, such as a Heating Light Bulb, Incubator Battery and Small Blanket. These items are asked for every time you incubate. On day 2 and 4, you will be asked to bring a food or drink item. Make sure you have enough PowerBucks to do this.

 I would suggest putting a sticky note on your computer screen so you don’t forget. Failing to tend to a mini at the right times will kill the mini right inside of its egg. Whatever it takes to remember your mini egg, do it.

This was wrote by -StarFlight-