Blind Silent Auctions
This is the building with the dark blue roof. There you can bid on boxes that hold random items inside. You can view a few of the items that are in the box, so you will have to decide if you definitely want to bid on the box. If you are happy with the items you see, place a bid. If your offer is the best of all the other offers, then you win the box! You will find out the day after you have placed your bid, if you have won the box.

The Playpen
This is the igloo with the dug out tunnel entrance. It is below the Noorvik pound. There you can purchase various toys for your pet, when it wants to play

Noorvik Adoption Center
This is the large igloo with the pawprints around it. There you can adopt an Arctic pet for a fee of 10,000 powerbucks. The pets that show 'not available' can only become one of your pets, if you take one of your current pets to the DNA machine in Mini City, and get the DNA match correct.

Universal Toys
This is the small building beside the Playpen. There you can purchase various Cuddlies from around the world. Try to collect them all!

Runa's Quest
Runa is sitting right outside of Universal toys. There you can do her quest and she will reward you if you complete it. She will give you a hint regarding a certain country cuddly. Your job is to figure out what country she is referring to, buy the Cuddly for that country, and give it to her. If you are incorrect, she will take the cuddly and you will get nothing. If you are correct, she will reward you.

Nothing Rare Here
This is the building to the right of Tumid, the puffin. There you can purchase various items with Kangabucks. You must have some Kangabucks in your balance as Nothing Rare Here doesn't accept Powerbucks. You can find a variety of items and purchase as many as you have the Kangabucks for!

Lil'Roo's Book Store
This is the long igloo beneath Lil'Roo's vacation home. There you can purchase books to read. Once you purchase a book, it will show up in your backpack. Place it on your bookshelf to read and rate it.

Tumid's Quest
Tumid is sitting on top of Lil'Roo's vacation home, above his book store. There you can do Tumid's quest. Upon approaching him, Tumid will become a little moody. He will ask you for food items, you can purchase these items in player shops or at Simply Delicious in Tanos. When you bring him the items, he will ask you a question. The answer can be found in a healthpedia or a petpedia. Books such as these can be obtained through player shops or doing quests, such as Randy's Library quest, in North New Barkston. Get the answer right and Tumid will reward you

By: Zuri995