North Newbarkston

Adoption Center
It is the blue building with a collie on top of it. There you can adopt pets from North America. The pets that show 'not available' can only be your pets through changing one of your current pets to it by ways of the dna machine in Mini City.

Padam's Shack
Here you can get free stuff. The pile behind the shack is the armor pile, which you use to armor pets. The pile in the front is the card pile, where you can recieve cards you can play at the ticket booth in East Newbarkston. You can also get Job Agency Power Cards. You can apply for a job in East Newbarkston. Sometimes you can get a Box Breaker Coin, Dust Devil, Piece of Firewood, or Wheel of Chance Token from Padam's Shack. On special occasions, you can click the door to the shack to recieve items.

The small, red building in North Newbarkston is the armory. It is where you can armor your pets. Armoring pets help with Elite Status. (go to the Power Temple in Xiang Chung-Shi and qualify for Elite) Also armor your pets to fight in the Power Dome in Tanos. Armoring pets will count towards the conquest Guard Me. You will need to have a piece of armor on hand and choose the correct armor on hand with the pet of your choice and then click 'process order'.

It is the building with the sky blue roof via the world map. A sick pet's name is displayed in red on the side bar. The veterinarian will ask you for some items that can originally be obtained from Mr. Medic, the medicine shop next to the veterinarian. If the sickness is left untreated for too long, the sick pet will die.

In the very center of North Newbarkston is the City Hall. There you can pay your fines, fill out a feedback form, or request a name change.

The NBIC building is a banking center is on the bottom righthand side of North Newbarkston. There you can put your pbs into a short term account or long term bond to gain interest. You must have an active short term savings account of at least 25,000 pbs to qualify for Elite. To be able to give a giftswap, you will need an active short term savings account of at least 100,000 pbs. Long term bonds cannot be cashed out at any time like short term savings accounts. You must have an active 5 mil bond to qualify for Supreme Elite. Once the selected days of the bond is up, you will need to cash it out and put the bond back in to continue to recieve interest.

Northern Woods
The Northern Woods is in North Newbarkston behind the City Hall. There you can recieve some free slime, which you can strengthen your pets with, compact slimes in the slime compactor, or sell elsewhere.

Slime Compactor
It is the gray contraption with the green slime in it. It is an easy way to rid of the slimes you don't want. You will be paid according to what kind of slime it is. Compacting slimes will increase your percentage on the conquest pressure.

Diving School
The Diving School in North Newbarkston is located on the bottom lefthand corner on the world map. There you can play the diving game to get the night stone for access to Mini City and the 5 stone mystery. First you must purchase diving equipment to go dive.

Powerpets Police Department
The police department is right behind the diving school. It is where you can participate in the investigation of a crime.

Bureau of Statistics
It is a list of players that have achieved big in various things on the site. You can find the building under the armory.

There is a library in North Newbarkston. It is the tan building with the book on the top of it. There you can read up on the history of North Newbarkston and more.

Barchem is the big, gray building behind the Northern Woods. There you will be asked by Padam for an item. There are 61 working levels for Barchem. When all levels are completed, you will recieve the ruby stone, used for the 5 stone mystery. If you don't give Padam the item in time, you will recieve an item depending on the failed level and will have to start the 61 working level process all over again.

Randy's Quest
In between the library and the armory is Randy, the librarian. He will ask you for some items and will give you a PetPedia in return, which can be placed on your bookshelf.

Dark Guardian Quest
On the world map, the Dark Guardian Quest in North Newbarkston can be found in the cave on the leftmost side. The Dark Guardian will ask you for some items and will give you an evolution puzzle piece in return. They can be taken to the Riksja Driver in East New Barkston where you can find an evolutions egg.

Padam's Potions
It is on the lefthand side of the Slime Compactor. It is where you can purchase a Vampire Fur Tonic, a pouch of blood, or a vial of blood. The blood is used to feed vampire pets. Vampire pets can only eat blood, can only go to plazones to gain happiness, and are unfriendly. To remove a Vampire Fur Tonic, you will need to go to the Elder Council in the Power Temple of Xiang Chung-Shi and them some expensive items so make sure it is want you want to do before you apply the tonic to a pet.
 By: Lady_Sapphira