Slime Cupcakes

Lisha Slime Cupcake

Nova Slime Cupcake

Gekkie Slime Cupcake

Lil' Roo Slime Cupcake

Armadillo Stuffies

Angel Armadillo Stuffy

Ebil Armadillo Stuffy

Koi Stuffies

Ebil Koi Stuffies
Rainbow Koi Stuffies
Angel Koi Stuffies


Cottontail Stuffies

Mutant Cottontail Stuffy

Tooth Stuffies

Ebil Tooth Stuffy
Rainbow Tooth Stuffy
Angel Tooth Stuffy


Weekly Featured Animal Stuffies

Patchwork Holland Lop Stuffy

Patchwork Malamute Stuffy
Patchwork Labrador Stuffy
Lovestruck Bernese Stuffy

Bernese Mountain Dog Stuffies

Ebil Bernese Mountain Dog Stuffy
Rainbow Bernese Mountain Dog Stuffy
Angel Bernese Mountain Dog Stuffy


Firebelly Toad Stuffies

Angel Fire Belly Toad

Ebil Fire Belly Toad

Rainbow Fire Belly Toad


Panda Stuffy
Red Power Panda
Blue Power Panda
Green Power Panda
Purple Power Panda
Black Power Panda
Rainbow Power Panda
Ebil Power Panda
Angel Power Panda
Easter Power Panda
Paddy Panda

Leopard Stuffy
Red Power Leopard
Rainbow Power Leopard
Purple Power Leopard
Blue Power Leopard
Yellow Power Leopard
Green Power Leopard
Angel Power Leopard
Ebil Power Leopard

Power Puppies
Purple Power Puppy
Blue Power Puppy
Yellow Power Puppy
Green Power Puppy
Ebil Power Puppy
Angel Power Puppy
Rainbow Power Puppy
Halloween Power Puppy
Easter Power Puppy

Power Kittens
Purple Power Kitten
Green Power Kitten
Blue Power Kitten
Yellow Power Kitten
Angel Power Kitten
Ebil Power Kitten
Halloween Power Kitten
Easter Power Kitten
Valentine Power Kitten
Rainbow Power Kitten

Angel Tiger Stuffy
Ebil Tiger Stuffy

Serpant Stuffy
Brown Serpant Stuffy
Yellow Serpant Stuffy
Green Serpant Stuffy
Orange Serpant Stuffy

Angel Hippo Stuffy
Angel Hippo Stress Toy
Ebil Hippo Stuffy
Ebil Hippo Stress Toy
Rainbow Hippo Stress Toy

Indicus Stuffy
Angel Indicus Stuffy
Ebil Indicus Stuffy

Koala Stuffy
Ebil Koala Stuffy
Angel Koala Stuffy

Artist Stuffy
Chocotalo Stuffy
Plush_Girl Stuffy
Fourmagick Stuffy
Hermit Stuffy
Tranquility Stuffy
ImJustAJoke Stuffy

Misc/New Items
Land Deed
500 Kangabucks
Ebil Wolf Stuffy
Angel Wolf Stuffy
Ebil Kangaroo Stuffy
Angel Kangaroo Stuffy
Baby Quail Stuffy
Ebil Quail Stuffy
Angel Quail Stuffy
Mrs Swinger Funny Bunny
Mr Groover Funny Bunny
Valentine Funny Bunny
Ebil Cottontail Stuffy
Angel Cottontail Stuffy
Silver Pony Stuffy
Pegasus Stuffy
Angel Penguin Stuffy
Ebil Penguin Stuffy
Sweet Fire Bear
The Metal Bear
Angel Arctic Wolf Stuffy
Ebil Arctic Wolf Stuffy
Rainbow Wolfox Stuffy
Halloween Kabby Stuffy
Winter Cottontail Stuffy
New Year Sweetfire
New Year TheMetal
Baby Nova Stuffy
Baby Gekkie Stuffy
Baby Poco Stuffy

Staff Stuffies
TheMetal Stuffy
Kabby Stuffy
Russbabe Stuffy
Angelic Stuffy
SweetFire Stuffy
Tink Stuffy
Gryphon Stuffy
Talison Stuffy
Huntress Stuffy
Sabertooth Stuffy
PP_Ranger Stuffy
PP_Anne Stuffy
PP_Shaggy Stuffy
PP_Peanut Stuffy
PP_Kristi Stuffy
PP_Penguin Stuffy
PP_Dragon Stuffy
Baby Kabby Stuffy
Baby Huntress Stuffy
Baby Talison Stuffy
Baby Kyla Stuffy
Baby ImJustAJoke Stuffy
Baby Tranquility Stuffy
Hard at Work Jokie Ragdoll
Sweetfire Injured Plush Toy

Bat Stuffy
Angel Bat Stuffy
Ebil Bat Stuffy

Thiglea Armor
Sweygar Armor
Unigon Armor
Sloprook Armor
Mutarat Armor
Melf Armor
Komor Armor
KinA4 Armor
FleJ26 Armor
Caeprin Armor
Alvac Armor
Ligon Armor
Sugarus Armor
Stoateer Armor
Serpant Armor
Gobbit Armor

Chamog armor
Labat armor
Drolf armor
Elegon armor
Lammick armor
Pandakeet armor
Ayebuttah armor
Cockatrice armor

Cream Rinses and Tonics
Brown Mini Cream Rinse
Gray Mini Cream Rinse
Green Mini Cream Rinse
Orange Mini Cream Rinse
Purple Mini Cream Rinse
Red Mini Cream Rinse
White Mini Cream Rinse
Tan Mini Cream Rinse
Yellow Mini Cream Rinse
Black Mini Cream Rinse
Blue Mini Cream Rinse
Blue Flame Fur Tonic
Red Flame Fur Tonic
Halloween Fur Tonic
Winter Fur Tonic
Angel Fur Tonic
Angel Mini Cream Rinse
Candycane Mini Cream Rinse
Wildfire Mini Cream Rinse
Ebil Mini Cream Rinse
Pot Of Gold Fur Tonic
Chocolatecheese Fur Tonic
Ice mini cream rinse
Lightning fur tonic
Camo fur tonic
Angel fur tonic
Ebil fur tonic

Slime Ball
Slime Lollipop
Stripe Power Egg
Emerald Power Egg
Fire Power Egg
Starry Power Egg

Panda power egg
Radioactive Rhino Stuffy
Ebil Easter Egg
Angel Easter Egg
Radioactive Hippo Stuffy

Crysanna Stuffy
Snow Collie Stuffy
Snow Kuvasz Stuffy
Snow Lop Stuffy
Snow Somali Stuffy
Snow Gray Fox Stuffy
Snow Bulldog Stuffy
Snow Samoyed Stuffy
Snow Labrador Stuffy
Snow Ferret Stuffy
Snow Maine Coon Stuffy
Snow Sheepdog Stuffy
Baby Nova Basket
Fire Bear Limited Edition
Jack but no Box
Rocking Horse
Sweetfire Cupid Stuffy
TheMetal Cupid Stuffy
Halloween Sweetfire Stuffy
Halloween TheMetal Stuffy
The Cupid and Halloween Stuffies
Ebil Sugarus Stuffy
Angel Sugarus Stuffy
Candycane Reindeer Stuffy

Yellow Reindeer Stuffy
Red Reindeer Stuffy
Purple Reindeer Stuffy
Pink Reindeer Stuffy
Green Reindeer Stuffy
Blue Reindeer Stuffy
Brown Reindeer Stuffy

Character Stuffies
Tad the Diving Teacher
Azul the Armorer
Bungee the Archeologist
Dark Guardian
Sayahh the Veterinarian
Dwight the Judge
Edu Cat the Teacher
Grandpa Gekkie the Elder
Marci the Grooming Lady
Randy the Librarian
Rick the Rickshaw Driver
Runa the Sales Lady
Russell the Zookeeper
Serah the Sales Lady
Sheffield the Sheep Herder
Akina the Geisha
Shelley the Collector
Criminal Nova Stuffy
Rexus Stuffy
Farkus Stuffy
Ashtu Stuffy
Maffican Stuffy
Aram Stuffy
Galilao Stuffy
Gakkie Stuffy

Retired (No longer Available so I wont put a checklist for this part)

 Crysanna stuffy
All the snow stuffies from the list has retired.
Fire Bear Limited Edition
Jack but no box
Rocking horse
Grandpa Gekkie the Elder

This was wrote by
MichaelCrystal & Outer_Space.