Restocking Guide

This guide covers restocking from the PP shops. It also covers a great way to restock your own shop, so you can get to making your pbs!!

One of the best ways to make pbs on PowerPets is to run a shop. Get rich quick scheme? No... But a get rich slowly scheme? You are looking at it!
To stock your shop, you need to look for great deals on the items you sell. Some of the best (or worst) deals on the site are in the PP Shops.
Before you decide to start restocking, you should grab some Purchase Points. Every day, you get 40 Purchase Points automatically. The Purchase Points
do not roll over to the next day, so you should use them all. Many items require a few Purchase Points for you to buy them. An avid restocker cannot
survive off of the amount given, so there are other ways to gain the Purchase Points. The Armory and Job Agency jobs will give you an increasingly
larger amount of Purchase Points as you go, so its a good idea to start them early on. As for the quests, here's a little list naming the quest and how many
Purchase Points you get for them. If a quest is not listed, you do not gain any Purchase Points from that quest. :(

Tea ceremony ************12 Purchase Points
Sheepherder's Quest*****32 Purchase Points
Ratti's Quest***************8 Purchase Points
Apprentice Quest*********4 Purchase Points
Zookeeper's Quest*******4 Purchase Points
Tumid's Quest************4 Purchase Points
Runa's Quest************ 4 Purchase Points
Randy's Quest************4 Purchase Points
Lisha's Quest*************40 Purchase Points
Gekkie's Greed***********20 Purchase Points
Dark Gaurdian Quest****10 Purchase Points
Creepy Caves Quest****28 Purchase Points
Barchem******************50 Purchase Points

You also get other important goodies for finishing the quests, so even those that give a small amount of Purchase Points are worth doing. If you can't finish a quest
because an item is too expensive, then just walk away from it for a while. But thats another guide!

The main shops in PowerPets are where you are going to want to be. They aren't all open at the same time, but they are open in 15 minute intervals. You will get used to
which shops are open at the same time.
You will make plenty of mistakes in the beginning, but after a bit, you will know what to look for. I once bought out the Weapons Store entire stock
of repair patches and slime vials, just to find out that I lost several thousand pbs! You can bet I never made that mistake again! So go ahead and throw yourself
in the shops for a while!

The Bidding Barn is an AMAZING place to get a great deal. Once you have enough pbs to spare, you can easily make millions in profit on one item!!
The Swap Barn is also a good place to find deals on common items.

If you do end up losing a large amount on what you thought would be an expensive item, you can throw it in your Closet for a while. It may be worth
the wait.

Once you have all the items you want, you move them from your Backpack to your Shop. You may need to increase the size of your shop a few times.

The freebies you obtain from the Free Stuff link and the quest rewards can often go for a large amount in pbs. If you are just starting off on PP, you should sell any
freebies and any non-pedia quest prizes you obtain. To figure out what price to make your item, you should click on the name of the item in your shop pricing menu.
A little box will pop-up, called the Item Pricer. You are charged 5 pbs per buyable items, and unbuyable pricings are free. You get a large pb bonus every so often, so you
make more than you spend on it. The average price and low price are both listed in the box. You should put the price somewhere in the middle or low end of the prices
given. If you want the lowest prices around, you can click on the picture of the item instead, and do a shop search of it. It will display the prices of the same item in
other player's shops. Don't go off the first page, you should click Repeat Search a few times to get the lowest price available. Click back until you are in your pricing screen,
and then type in a price that suits you compared to what you saw. I say click back because it won't erase the prices you have typed in. If your browser does not do this, or if you
prefer not to do it that way, you can just right click on the picture of the item, and select open new window or tab.

In demand items (coins, armor, slime, etc...) will sell fast at a reasonable price, so you can make alot of pbs within a few days from items you obtained for free of very cheap!

After some effort, you can have a succesful shop, with a steady, or even lucrative income!! Good luck on your restocking!

*** The lower you price your items, the faster they sale. But don't price them lower than you are comfortable with. You will just feel bad about it. Instead, hold out for more. If you
work really hard in a contest, and you win a great item, just to find that its worth way less than the effort you put into it, don't sell yourself short. ***

Written by Ebil_Lightbulb