Supreme Elite

 Supreme Elite and Elite may be a challenge for some, but it's worth it! Below shows the ways to become Supreme  Elite! You must become Elite Before you can become Supreme Elite.


Once you have worked your way to becoming Elite, Supreme Elite is your next step. The qualifications are very difficult, but can be achieved by those with the most dedication to making it there.

There are quite a few benefits that come with the Supreme Elite status. In addition to all the benefits of being elite, they also now have:
* Ability to adopt limited edition pets from the pound
* Ability to purchase 10 extra shops

* Supreme Elites can own up to 40 minis (they must buy the booster for each mini)
* Trophy on your profile
* Access to all of the elite board themes, as well as Supreme Elite and Chubbs board themes

Qualifications to become Supreme Elite:
* 2 Job Cycles complete
* Pet 1000 strength
* 2 minis with 100 armor each
* 3000 books read and rated
* 10 land deeds worth of land
* Active $5,000,000 PB savings bond
* Supreme Elite Trophy on-hands