South Lake Guide

Its called SOUTH lake for a reason your main point of focus should be going south =)
Here are some hints and tips to help you through South Lake:
-Sharks move 2 spaces compared to your 1
- Blue sharks move up or down then over
-gray sharks move over then up or down
-You may find it to help if you draw maps of the sections as you go so you know where you are and don’t get lost =)
-any parts of the map that have only one entrance are dead ends (so return back and try a different route)
-the blue whirlpools hurt you, they get you stuck but the sharks can move through them( these are also a good indication that you are getting closer to the treasure)
- the space bar will help you when you cant figure out which way to go to avoid the sharks.( spacebar makes u give up your current turn but makes the sharks move)
- If you get frustrated, take a break from. Then come back in 10-15 minutes and keep on trying!