New Co-Owner!

06/09/2011 20:09

June Letter!

06/07/2011 17:02
  New PAWS Page As you have probably knew, Powerpets created a new site called "PetAdoptworld". This is to help out 3 organizations. You can read more about that on Powerpets in their newsletter.  When we saw this we rushed into action and coded this new page on Powerpets Plus called...


06/05/2011 15:22
This is the credits for the new features/games that were made within the last week or two. We would love to thank you all that helped.  

Enter if you dare!

06/04/2011 19:04
  Do you think you can beat it? Well I challenge you! I have created the hardest Powerpets related game ever! Muahaha! Click below to go to the game! [CLICK HERE] This game will challenge your mind! You can find everything you need to answer the questions on Powerpets Plus! That...

New Eagle City Banner!

06/01/2011 20:34
New Eagle City Banner! We are pleased to present this new Eagle City banner! Eagle City was the chosen city out of the remaining 10 left! We are having another poll for another one! You will see the poll very shortly. Thank You.

Why Ads?

06/01/2011 16:11
Ads As you might have noticed, Powerpets Plus as had in-text ads. Nothing excessive or anything will draw your attention away from other things, but you may notice that on the updates of Powerpets Plus that there are 2 green lines under some words. You may click on them if they appeal to you....

New Pony City Banners!

06/01/2011 10:05
Pony City Pony city won this week's city banner poll! A maturity of you people wanted to see a Pony City banner so as we like to say "Your wish is our command" we did it. We have 2 of them for Pony city actually! Both different for different types of tastes in banners! These banners will be added...

Special Poll!

05/31/2011 21:26
Vote! Vote which city do you think should be featured for this coming month on Powerpets Plus! The winning city will get a banner made by Powerpets Plus staff With their city name going across. These banners are professional. Vote Now!  To be fair only one person can vote PER computer. It will...


05/28/2011 05:29
 Our Staff Since we have been accepted by Powerpets "Featured Helpsites" section, our staff will be working very hard to improve this site as much as possible. This site has been open for one year, but has just recently been accepted into Powerpets. Our Rating: Graphics Rating: 4 Layout...

New Summer Background & Banner!

05/18/2011 15:54
New Background! We have this new background for you! We want you to go through this next summer in an aquatic atmosphere! We have applied this background to all the pages. We have a new banner added too! We also have chose an aquatic theme too! Since we are doing everything to please...
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