Making the Money

07/26/2011 14:55

These are my personal experiences in making Powerpets profits.

Make sure to armor your pets, do lots of quest, and apply for jobs to gather up a good amount of purchase credits to spend in wholesale shops. When I spend all of my purchase credits and still feel like buying to sell via wholesale shops, I buy from the bookstores. Buying from wholesale bookstores does not take any purchase credits so you can shop in there as long as you want.

When shopping, you should watch and see which items are stocking more often. I usually stay away from the overstocked items unless they are highly desired at the given time. Items that are overstocked change so keep an eye out at all times. Always check the updates for new item releases. That usually affects my choices in shopping distribution.

Shopping in the weapons store can profit well if you know what to look for and avoid. Gekkie’s Greed Quest always asks for weapons so there is surely someone wishing to buy it for the right price. The rusty nails there are usually valuable and they don’t take away much purchase credits. Frozen nail are also good to buy. Slime Powder Vials and Repair Patches are normally priced cheaper than wholesale price so avoid buying those. Always compare prices of the nails by themselves with what is given when trading in the pawn shop because sometimes it is a better idea to trade in the pawn shop and sell the pawned item. Sometimes it is not.

Simply Delicious is a good place to shop when you know what to look for. If you see any radioactive items, grab them. Keep an eye out for lime pies. They aren’t much purchase credits and they are used to make radioactive slime pies at the pawn shop.

Lisha’s Quest asks for drinks. It is best to know which items she often asks for so you know which drinks to restock in Hydration Station. Radioactive items are usually a steal. Note the Lime Jester Drinks are used in the Mini City Slime Purifier so are at a higher demand than other drinks that often appear.

Power Hardware is a fabulous place to shop. If you see any fur tonics, grab them. If you happen to see a pink or purple fur tonic, race to it as fast as you can. They are worth a ton. The items used to build toys in player workshops are good to buy, especially since there is a conquest on toy building.

The Playpen is a good place to shop when you haven’t spent your purchase credits yet and it is almost PP midnight. You go and just click it all until the credits are gone. Toy Chest trophies are from collecting so many toys. Lots of these toys come from The Playpen so there is a demand for toys. Not to mention, you might get extremely lucky and come across an orange car. If you ever spot one in The Playpen, race to it immediately. It is worth millions and millions of pbs. I’d say it is the best profit ever to be made from a wholesale shop.

All Things Stuffed is a good place to shop when you know what is overstocking and what is not. There are Stuffy Stocker trophies to be given for putting so many stuffies in the Stuffy Stocker so there is a demand for stuffies. You just have to learn what is currently selling and what is not.

The Apparel Outlet is a fabulous place to shop when you are there at the right time. Lots of times, expensive clothing does not sell. However, watch when Springfield is around. It is a good idea to search for clothing that are around 500k but not any higher. Certainly during Springfield, someone will wish to buy it from you.

When buying from Mister Medic, it is best to check to see the average sale price of items, as usually it is quite empty and there are sometimes items that are priced below wholesale price there. I don’t shop there to resell normally.

I don’t shop at Universal Toys because the purchase credits are high for not very much a profit. To add to the troubles, the store is always open. So for this reason, I don’t know much about this area.

Blind Silent Auctions are a great way to make a profit if you choose wisely on your bid. It does take a bit of luck sometimes. It is better to bid on many boxes so that surely you will make more than what you loose on other boxes, given you don’t bid too high. Try to get an idea of what the box is worth by identifying the min bid.

Unlike many other players, I enjoy stalking Point Taken for rare finds. I have found there are sometimes expensive unbuyables that appear. Usually when they appear, they appear one after another for an extended period of time but it is extremely rare and I find absolutely no way to tell when anything will be dumped. But from time to time, I will check and I have found handfuls of unbuyables there over the course of my PP time. It takes a lot of patience and very quick clicking powers when someone else has caught on. Search around for items that are very high in wholesale price but much lower in average sale price. Those are the items you buy to throw in for good points. I find Werewolf Claws are good. I know not very many people feel Point Taken is a good place to shop because it is where everyone dumps the stuff they don’t want, which is usually what other people don’t want either but I enjoy Point Taken.

Nothing Rare Here is great for those with pockets full of kangabucks. It is best that you jot down what you have paid for your stack of kangabucks that you are ready to spend at NRH, whether it be from quests or elsewhere. Compare the kangabuck price of an item to the pb price of that item. From there, you can determine whether it is a good buy or not. Supreme Elite Trophies are very great profit, if you can find one. The cars that stock in NRH are a steal, though they are pretty rare finds.

The Swap Barn is a good place to find what is selling and what is not. It is best that when you put up your expensive items in swaps, you take in account of how many of the same items are being put up by other people. From there, you can establish a reasonable price.

The Bidding Barn is a fantastic place to shop for less and sell for big via swaps, if you know what to bid on. Before bidding, always check the average sale price of the item and where the item comes from to get an idea on how rare the item is. But it is a good idea to look around and find if there is a demand for it before bidding. Sometimes when you know you got an expensive item for less than the amount you can start an auction at and the item is not selling in swaps, it is better to auction it in the Bidding Barn.