Need Help Making Profits?

07/04/2011 19:54

My name is Hawaiian_Kim or Kimmie and the guide below are my personal opinions and experiences when it comes to making profit on Powerpets. I have been actively trading for about 4-5 years now and that is one of my passions/things I like to do on powerpets. Some people who read this may disagree with certain areas I think are better to make profit in, so when reading this guide, please keep in mind that these are my experiences when making profit and hopefully this guide will help those who need help with making profit/pbs.

Each shop and place to make profit on PP has good and bad things about each of them. First I will list off some basic tips when trying to make profit, but if your curious about certain shops and overall the best areas to shop, down below I have made a quick little summary of the do’s and don’ts of each place to shop/sell on Powerpets. *These are all the basic shops/areas to sell found in the “Shopping Section” on the link bar. World Stores such as Nessie’s Fancy Fish + others hopefully will be part two of this guide coming soon!*

Hawaiian_Kim’s Tips:

1. Purchasing Credits – Use them wisely. While there are many opportunities to get purchase credits for shopping, (See the restocking guide) You need to maximize your profit by going to stores you know you will make profit on and buy items that don’t eat away all your purchase credits! (unless they make extreme profit)

2. Rarity of Store Items – When purchasing items, the rarer items cost you more purchase credits then normal items do. Some of the rarer items in reality do not make you a lot of profit. So always beware of rarity when shopping. It’s always a risk with items as when you see a rare item, you immediately want to get it before someone else does, but your profit may be limited on some of the rarer items. I suggest going to your store of choice and really looking at the various items that come into the store. KNOW YOUR ITEMS and HOW MUCH THEY ARE WORTH. Invest a little time in getting to know the stock of certain stores, so when those new/rare items come in, you will make maximum profit and not loose out.

3. The Swap / Bidding Barn and Shops – When selling items for profit beware of which outlet will make you the most profit. Certain items sell better in the swap barn if you have bulk amounts, compared to shops. Some unbuyable items (200k+) sell better in the bidding barn compared to swaps. So next time you try to sell something, look at the swaps, bidding barn and shops and see where your items will make the best profit.

4. Know the Stock – Every store has items that will make profit and items that are a waste of pbs. Spend a little time in the stores and get to know the items that are there. Knowing the prices of certain items will help you better judge what will make you profit and what won’t.

5. Be Aware – Know what’s hot and what’s not. Look at what others are buying and find your area of expertise. Whether its clothes, books or toys, pick an area that for you can make profit, and you know people will buy.



6. All Things Stuffed
PP’s stuffy store can be a blessing and a curse. When new items get released you usually can make big profit on those stuffies. The only problem is you must have dedication and patience, as many other people are trying to get those stuffies from the shop too. In terms of just normal every day stock, you have to be careful of which stuffies to buy. Some of the rarer stuffies will come in every once and a while and you will make good profit. Some of the normal stuffies are worth very little and are a little too common and while you make a little profit on most of them, it really isn’t worth all your purchasing credit power to buy those kinds of items.

7. Apparel Exchange
I am personally not one for shopping for clothes whether it’s on PP or in real life. I do however have had my fare share of great triumphs and disasters in these stores. The Exchange is a store where you can take your old clothing and exchange and update it for the new style/sizes for clothing on PP. The way the store works is it rotates in a bunch of the old clothing every little while and people can exchange their clothes. What I’ve noticed with exchanging is that most people only really do it if they want to keep that item and use it for their profile person’s look. If you look up the prices of some of the old clothes, they tend to sell for higher then most of the new sizes and clothing. Usually, I would say keep those as they are worth more, but the reality is a lot of people do not usually buy those clothes and they get passed around like a hot potato. If you have old clothes lying around in your closet or wardrobe, I would say exchange them and use them on your person.

8. Apparel Outlet
The Appeal Outlet is the new way to buy clothing on powerpets. In this store you use kangabucks instead of regular pbs to purchase items in the store. In this store I’ve had pretty much no luck making profit on clothing in the store. While newer items that end up becoming 1million pbs+ in the swap barn or bidding barn, you shell out a good few hundred kangabucks in order to purchase them. Like the exchange, I find the outlet to also be for people who really want certain items for their wardrobe. The majority of clothing in the outlet is a lost cause in terms of profit. Most of the items are worth at least 10+ kbs and your kbs are usually worth more then the actual item sells in shops and swaps. If you’re planning on trying to make some profit in the clothing store, I would suggest you do some research on what items sell and what items don’t. Be advised that a lot of people in today’s current PP market hate clothing when trading for items. If you’re having a hard time selling your clothes there are two things you can do. 1. Sell for a cheaper price (something you are comfortable with) in shops/bidding barn and swaps. 2. If you really can’t sell the clothes, try using them on your person’s look or give them to family/friends as gifts.

9. Book Haven/Buy the Book/Lil Roo’s Books/ Xiang Books

9A. Books Books Books! What can I say about books? Books are a strange item on PP for profit. They are used to complete goals like SE and have a variety of prices from book to book. The books that are sold at the above stores are what you call non-retired books, meaning that they are sold in stores and are generally cheaper in price. Most people need to collect all the books from these stores in order to get closer to their goal of SE. Most of the books in these stores sell for around 200-400 pbs and can sell for 1,000 pbs+ generally. Books are a hard field to profit on as many of the sold books are very populated on the site. If you are going to buy books for profit, I would again suggest you look over the stores stock and see where you can make the best profit. If you are however, going for goals like SE, buy the books in the stores instead of buying them from players shops and swaps. It will be cheaper for you in the long run.


10. Bidding Barn

The bidding barn is a great way to make profit, and to sell your items for profit. A lot of people on the bidding barn sell a wide variety of items for cheaper prices compared to swaps and shops. Puzzle pieces, coins, tonics, certain stuffies and other items can be great ways to earn profit. If you’re planning to use the bidding barn as a means of profit, you should look out for a few things. First off have a goal. Certain items you can make a better profit on then others. I personally find a lot of cheap puzzle pieces, job cards and coins on the bidding barn and if you time your bid right, you can pick up puzzle pieces for 15k-20k and sell them for 40k+. The trick with the bidding barn is watching over items you’ve bid on and timing your last bid so you can beat all the other people trying to get the item. Like in all auctions real life and not, there are certain players who sit and wait to bid until the end of the auction and swoop in and get the item before anyone else does. This is a skill that can be really useful if trying to get a high in demand item, or to get a good deal on an item in the bidding barn. This skill however is something a lot of people practice to be good at. You must have the patience and timing to swoop in and beat people fast enough. When selling items on the bidding barn, there is already a set price range for each item you try to sell. Most people who sell items on the bidding barn, sell items, that are unbuyable or worth more in the market. The trick to sell items on the bidding barn is to make the price that you can make some profit/or break even yet make it a want-able item for others to bid on. Some people use various tactics when selling their items. Some will make their item a cheap price, and hope that through bidding, someone will meet the standard price, or go over. Some people set the price as average and some of course over price the item. When selling items be comfortable and don’t sell your self short. Be fair to yourself and to those who are buying your items.

11. Blind Silent Auctions
The BSA has been around on powerpets since I started playing. With a revamp over the last few years, the BSA is a hidden gem on powerpets. Before getting a box in the auctions was extremely hard to do as back in the day everyone used the auctions as a risky way of making extreme profit. The also had the rare auctions, where items collected from old and banned accounts on PP, were sold in auctions. Those auctions turned into the Bidding Barn but still today do we have the blind auctions. The blind auctions can be either great profit or great disaster. Each box contains 8 items. The box is started off at a fixed price and people can make 1 bid on it to try to win the contents of the box. It also shows you 3 items in that box before you bid on it. If you’re planning on using the auctions as a profit machine here are a few tips to follow. First off, get a feel for the box. They show you 3 items within it, so if you see some good items, go for it. Usually higher fixed prices on the box means there are some really good expensive items within the box. The lower priced boxes however, can turn out to be some great profit too. When bidding for the box, be realistic. I’ve seen some crazy bids from people over the years. Be reasonable. You want to pick a price that will not make you lose crazy amounts of pbs, if you win and the box turns out to be garbage, but also make sure you bid enough so you have a solid chance of beating other people and winning the box. For example if the box price was 15,220 PB I would probably put down around 25,000-40,000 pbs to try to win it. I don’t use the auctions a lot, but when I do, I usually win a few boxes and make some profit. Also remember that if you are using BSA as a way of making profit, don’t just bid on one box. I usually bid on all the current boxes, so I have a greater chance of winning one of them. Remember that once the auction is over (every day a new auction starts) that you go to see if you won some boxes. If you won you will receive the items, and if you lose you will get your pbs back.

12. Hydration Station/Simply Delicious
Both the Hydration Stations and Simply Delicious are the two grocery stores on PP. These items are used for feeding pets, and are found in certain quests and other areas of PP. The trick to making profit from these stores is to know the stock. This applies everywhere and is a tip I say to everyone. Food and Drinks while common are also used for many different things on powerpets. The radioactive food items/drinks are rarer but when found can make extreme profit. New items that come into these stores are also great ways to make profit. Like with any other store, having patience will go a long way, and sitting in the shop, you will eventually get some of those cool new items, which you can sell for some good profit. Some items I suggest to buy from these stores are items that can be used for multiple purposes. Some items like a Jug of Milk are seen in quests and in cooking food items in your Kitchen in your properties. Just be aware of all the items and using my tips above should help when purchasing items from these stores.

13. Hardware Store
The Hardware store is an interesting store on powerpets. When I think hardware I think of Weird Al and his parody about hardware stores. The Hardware store on powerpets has a wide range of items from tonics to tools used in your house to build kitchens, toy rooms or to overall build your houses roof and walls. Trying to make profit from the hardware store can be done, but its extremely hard and compared to other stores on PP there aren’t a lot of variety of items or new items coming into the store. When tonics are stocked into the hardware store for 5000 pbs each, it’s a great buy and they are pretty easy to sell. The purple tonic if you’re lucking to click purchase usually can sell for around 500k-1million pbs! If you’re planning to make profit from this store, try to buy items you know are easier to sell such as the tonics and some of the rarer tools people can use for building. Overall though, I would invest my time somewhere else if you really want to make a bang for your buck.


14. Mr. Medic

Out of all the stores and places to buy and sell on PP, I usually am never in Mr. Medic. The store sells all types of medicine in case your pet gets sick. I’ve never personally seen people restock in Mr. Medic but then again someone must restock other wise there would be no-one selling the items in user shops. Personally this is the one store I really have no experience with and I am very uneducated on. However, like my previous tips, getting to know the stock in any store is important for making profit. So if your thinking about restocking medicine make sure you know what items can make profit and which ones can’t.

15. Nothing Rare Here (NRH)
Most people I know that are experienced restockers on PP, have learned the trade of the NRH. Nothing Rare Here is a store that by using kangabucks, you can buy rare toys, stuffies, and mini rinses and tonics. Most people when buying these items will look in swaps or the bidding barn and most items now in NRH are too expensive to buy since kangabucks prices are on the rise. There are however, a few items in NRH that people love to get their hands on and restock. Slime stuffies are 300-350kbs each and were a very popular item to restock. Their prices have stayed around the same as the average price of a 300kb coin, so when restocking certain animal stuffies, check out the average price they are selling for, as some stuffies are worth more then others. When new stuffies/items come into NRH people usually try to restock them and sell them in swaps or collect for their gallery. These items are good to restock especially if your lucky to buy them when their new, as they are more likely to sell to collectors or people who are interested in the new items. Finally, tonics and mini rinses, while rare if found in the NRH are a nice profit buy. Some of the mini rinses that come into the shop do however sit there so be careful and look over NRH’s stock and see what fly’s fast and what sits there for eternity. Stay away from those veteran stuffies! While they are only 100kbs to purchase in NRH, in my experience they are so extremely hard to sell! My main tip for those who want to make profit from NRH is to be aware of the ever changing prices of kangabucks and to know what items in NRH are worth using kbs for! You sometimes can make more profit selling your kbs then you can buy from NRH!

16. The Pawn Shop
The Pawn shop is a tricky shop to make profit in. Only certain items you can pawn to make into newer combined items. If you want to make profit off pawning, see which pawn combinations will make you the most profit, and which ones are too expensive and not worth your time.

17. The Play Pen
Currently the Play Pen is a weird place to make profit. Since of the introduction of the Toy Chest (a place where you can take all your toys and collect them) it has lately been extremely hard to buy toys that can make you a lot of profit. Most of the toys do sell for extremely cheap in shops, so on almost every time you can make some sort of little profit. If you are looking for big profit however, collecting those cheaper toys and putting them into your toy chest is a great way to make extra pbs and get some cool new items. The best way to make profit from this store is using my tips from above and being aware of what items bring home that golden nugget and which ones fall short of the profit making gold.

18. Point Taken
Like the Pawn Shop, point taken offers people a chance to throw away those items in your closet that you just can’t stand and in turn gives you points to spend to purchase other items you can make good use of. If you have points in point taken, a few items really worth buying are the job cards, coins and cards that come rolling in once in awhile. I always am extremely excited when I click purchase to getting a brand new job card or a cool new book I know I can sell. Point Taken is also a great way to get food, clothes, and toys for you and your pets!

19. The Swap Barn
Oh how I love the swap barn. The swap barn to me is where all the magic is. I find the swap barn is one of the best places to sell and make tonnes of profit, as well as buy and make tonnes of profit. I like to think of myself as a Swap Hawk. The swap hawk is someone who spends their time restocking on swaps, trying to find easy to sell items at lower prices, buying them and then selling them later on for profit. In my opinion, this is the best way to make some easy pbs fast and in higher amounts. It takes a lot of practice and patience, but the right purchases can make you a millionaire. Look out in swaps, shops, news, forums and see what items are currently hot. From the standard PTTs, kangabucks and purchase credits, to stuffies, toys and tonics, these items all seem to make me great profit, if bought at the right price, and sold to the right person. Retired books are in and fish are out! Being aware of what sells and what doesn’t is a huge key to making profit. Here are some items I find extremely hot at the moment to resell and make huge profit!

Power Temple Tokens
Retired Books
Armor (Pet/Mini)
Job Cards
Lucky Silver Coins/Brown Bag Coins
Puzzle Pieces

These items seem to always be in demand. Find those swaps that sell bulk for below average or find people in desperate need of selling certain items. Like a wise person once said, one persons junk, is another persons treasure!


20. Weapons Store
The weapon store on powerpets really surprises me. Weapons can be used for battle and claiming your pet’s fame to the emerald stone or for doing Gekkie’s quests. Most items in the weapon store due to their usage on powerpets actually are a pretty decent way to make some pretty good profit. Most weapons you can buy in the store for 200-1000 pbs and sell for 2,000-4,000+ pbs. If you are planning to use weapons as your choice of store profit, STAY AWAY FROM SLIME VIALS AND REPAIR PATCHES! These will be the worst buy you can make in the weapons store. No-one usually buys them unless they are battling it up in the power dome and the store itself really over prices and you can usually never make profit on them. Another great way to make profit from the weapons is to stock up on them and complete Gekkie’s quest every few hours. The puzzle pieces you can receive are easy to sell and can make some great profit, or you can collect all 12 pieces and find yourself a nice PTT! (Power Temple Token)

21. Universal Toys
Universal Toys sells a wide range of country cuddly bears. From Canada to China every bear can represent! These cute cuddlies can be used to complete Runa’s quest or make any gallery a little more multicultural! If you feel like making some profit off these cute little bears, check out which countries are on the hot list, and which ones you may want to stay away from. Each bear sells for around 200-300pbs in store and can be sold in shops from anywhere between 600pbs+. So check out the stock and see which bears can help you reach your goals of having big bucks for your next traveling adventure!