09/07/2011 16:28

Welcome to Powerpets Plus. We are going to be working on this site constantly very soon! We will be changing it every day and making it the best! Want to help out during this time? [CLICK HERE]

We will be recuiting managers, artists, writers, editors, etc. 

Please go to Feedback and send out a form that tells us what you think of the site, and how we can make it better. 

Amazed with what we have already done? Compliment us! We need it to continue!


Extra! Extra! Free Items!

You have been given a PARTY BUNNY AVG- 300,000 Pbs. P-mail MichaelCrystal for your free PARTY BUNNY today! Free items every time we post something now! Another reason to check in with us, and use our information! We have over 3,000 consisting of guides, notes, etc. We have the largest database of guides out of all the helpsites. 

P-mail MichaelCrystal with the code: 4052


Party Bunnies Available - 10 Available as of 3:36 PM