Powerpet Smartness Test 2

Powerpets Smartness Test 2

This game tests you on basic things on Powerpets. The more you get right the better and higher up you are on score and rank.


This was made to provide information and help you learn more about the site. It also helps us figure out what most Powerpet players know and what they don't, which helps us when we add new parts to this helpsite. This game is for learning purposes only, not for advertisement. We are very sorry for the little text at the bottom of this quiz. Since this is a free site, and everything we do is free, we cannot afford to pay big servers and things to make games our selves. We hope you understand. These game was added for those who had beat the original game. This one is a little more difficult, we hope you enjoy!


You will be quized on 12 simple Powerpets questions, these questions are worth different points each. At the end of the test you get a rank. This ranks varys. Here is a short guide to explain how it is graded:

Advanced- 1001-1200 Points

Intermediate:501-1000 Points

Beginner: 0-500 Points

Date Made:

Friday, February 04, 2011

By: MichaelCrystal