Chat Board Rules


Post on the Appropriate Board: Repeated misposts will be considered purposely breaking the rules and treated accordingly.

No Spamming: Spam is the common term for posts that are excessively large, nonsensical, repetitive, or purposely annoying.

Do not repeat a message more than once every half hour.

Do not flood the boards with posts.

Do not stretch the boards with long lines of unbroken text. This makes the board very difficult to read.

English Only: All posts must be in English only, since the board moderators must be able to understand what is being typed in order to know that the content is appropriate. This also applies to 'pig Latin' and coded languages.

Website Addresses, Links: No URLs (website addresses) or links to sites (including Approved PowerPets Help Sites). You can find a link to the Approved PowerPets Help Site list at the top of the News page. This is for your own protection in the event that someone posts a URL with a cookie grabber or fake login.

Advertising: Do not advertise other websites by name, by website address, by suggestion, or in any other manner. Do not advertise your club/group on the Chat Boards or any other place on the site.

Role Playing: Role playing is not allowed on any Chat Board. Using the Chat Boards to ask others to role play through pmail or off-site is considered advertising, and not permitted. The Power Theater is the place to role play, please use that area.

All Caps: Typing in all caps is commonly viewed on the internet as yelling, so please refrain from this whenever possible, to avoid seeming rude or offensive. Although we do not consider this to be cause for deletion of the post, it will annoy other players, so we ask that you try to keep this to a minimum.

Other Pet Sites: Please try to refrain from talking about other pet sites, since it generally leads to arguments and conflicts between players.

Real Life Info: Do not give out any real life info about yourself. This includes any type of info such as your real name, age, where you live, the name of your school, etc. This is for your own safety, and the safety of your family. There are very good people on the internet, but there are some bad ones too.

Email, Instant Messenger: Do not give out your e-mail address or any of your instant messenger ID's. Please use Power Mail if you feel that you must. Instant Messengers are very easy to hack, and from there, a hacker can get a lot of dangerous information about you.

Dating, Seeking Relationships: Dating or seeking romantic relationship posts are not allowed.

Scamming: Scamming of any sort will not be tolerated. We monitor our boards 24/7, and we read every post.

Offensive Language: No cursing or offensive language is allowed on the boards. Please keep everything you say child friendly. If you're not sure it's allowed, don't post it. Using ways to get around the filter to post offensive language is still cursing and will be treated as such.

Arguments: Fighting with other players will not be tolerated. It is up to the discretion of whichever staff is on duty at the time whether a given discussion may cause an argument or not, and they will deal with it accordingly. Be aware that the busier a staffer is, the less leeway they are likely to allow on this, in order to avoid problems developing during their shift.

Flaming: No harassment, insults, flames, bashing of players, staff, or the game will be tolerated. This includes flaming a player because someone feels their shop or swap prices are too high. It is up to the individual player how much to charge, and if someone does not wish to purchase it for that amount, they are not obligated to. Making ONE calm and civil comment is fine. Yelling, insulting, and repeatedly posting the complaint are not.

Rule of Thumb: If you wouldn't want your parents or your children seeing what you're posting, then it probably isn't appropriate.

For further information about Chat Board rules, please see the Check Access page linked at the top of every chat board.