How can I get PowerBucks?

Powerbucks are the local currency in the Cities of Powerpets.

To make powerbucks, you can visit:
Padam's dog naps every three hours, so while he's sleeping, you can sneak in and grab a goody and some PowerBucks.

Help keep New Barkston clean and beautiful by grabbing a handful of slime in the Northern Woods every three hours to feed your pet.

There are often quizzes or games on the Board, and you can win prizes from them.

Visit the Poll Booth in Xiang Chung-Shi to cast your vote, and receive a few powerbucks in exchange for your opinion.

Visit the Writers Corner in the Library to learn about story writing if you are a Power Federation citizen.

Refer other players to join PowerPets, and you'll not only be paid in PowerBucks, but you'll also continue to receive commissions as long as that person plays here. See the Referral Office for details and referral links.

Design a post card and submit it to the Post Office. Once each week, the best of those submitted wins a prize.

You can also play games by clicking on the Games link on the top bar and win lots of PowerBucks!

Restocking is also a good way to make PowerBucks, you buy items from the Game Owned City Shops and sell them for a profit.

Rating books is also a small way to make PowerBucks. For every book you rate you will earn 50 PowerBucks!

You can also invest in POWEX, the PowerPets stock market.

Visit Kyla's Perch in Xiang Chung-Shi for free stuff.