How do I dress my doll?  



I'm sure you want to dress up your doll! If you are female, at the end of every peice of clothing will be a W. If you are male, you will have a M. Buy the clothing item you want on your doll. Then, roll your mouse over the "Items" icon at the top of your page. Once you are in your backpack, please click on the little square on the clothing item. Then move down to the list and click on "Wardrobe." Once the item is in the wardrobe, go to the wardrobe. Dress up your doll by clicking on things. You have to have the item in your wardrobe at the time to wear it. When you put on a dress, your bottoms with be over the dress. To make the dress on top, play with the "Depth" button. Same with a hat. Retired clothes have no BW, TT, GG, or CA in front of the item name. These items you can't put on your doll. You can swap them for the non-retired verison in the "Apparel Exchange" shop under the "Shopping" section on your left menu bar. Have fun! 

This was written by: -StarFlight-