How do I feed and play with my pet?

You must feed and play with your pet regularly in order to keep it happy and healthy, just like in real life. Food and toys can be purchased in the City or player shops. Once you have the item, go to your on hand 'Items' page by clicking the icon (bear stuffy) on the top bar. Click on the picture of the item that you wish to use. This will take you to a drop down menu. Choose the appropriate action. Some foods will satisfy more of your pet's hunger than others will, and some toys may last longer than others before they break.

If you don't feel like searching for foods or toys, Playzones and Restaurants are also available for your pet. As well, you can also click on the Black Maine Coon on the top bar, click on the Find Food, Find Toys and it will take you to a random food/random toy that you can purchase from players shops.

If you have a Mini your pet can also play with it to regain some happiness.