How do I obtain land? 


You have been wondering how to get a Land for so long. Now you know. You can buy land using a Land Deed or PowerBucks. Please roll your mouse over the "Towns" icon, then click on "Power Federation." Now, go to the city you want to live in. You need to go and click on the little sign that says "To Districts." If you are buying a land with PowerBucks, click on "Properties For Sale By Owner (Powerbucks)." If you are buying a land using a Land Deed, click on "Properties For Sale By City (Land Deeds)." Click on the land you want to buy. Click on "Buy: ###." Now, the land is yours!


Lowest Price that you can sell a property:

1 Land Deed Property - 200,000 Pbs

2 Land Deed Property - 400,000 Pbs

4 Land Deed Property - 800,000 Pbs

50 Land Deed Property - 10,000,000 Pbs

 *Depending on the building on the land the price/value may vary.

For more information please contact your local city mayor.


Becoming a land owner!

This guide covers how you can obtain land in the cities of PowerPets.

So you want to become a citizen of one of the cities? First, you need to buy some property. You can do this by two
ways. First, find a city that you would like to live in. Go to the Power Federation, and look around at the cities. You will
want to check out the benefits and taxes of the different cities. You may also want to ask the opinions of players on the
beginners board. After you make your decision, click on the arrow pointing to the Districts.

You have two choices. You can purchase the property with pbs or land deeds. If a property lists a pb price, then as long as
you can cover the cost, you can purchase the land right away.

Some houses can be very expensive, costing up to 50 land deeds. If you want to live like a king, then you should start saving
up those land deeds.They can be purchased at Nothing Rare Here. You can buy them from players in the swap barn. You can
try your luck at getting an awesome deal in the bidding barn. You can win them at the Wheel of Chance. If you add them to your
wishlist, maybe you will receive one as a gift!

Once you make your land purchase, you should start building. You have several choices in the appearence of your house, as well
as function.You can have a kitchen, a workshop, a power plant, and more. You will have to spend a nice amount, but there is no time limit. As long as you pay your taxes every week, you won't
be receiving any eviction notices. If you do not pay your taxes, however, your land will be confiscated.

As a citizen, you will have benefits that may help you save money. They may contribute a small amount of pbs towards the armory, swaps, or other
frequented PP places. Many host contests, and alot of the people are really fun to talk to. So get out there, settle some roots in a nice
city, and start your PP life :D

Guide written by Ebil_Lightbulb