How do you block somebody?

On occasion, you will meet a nasty little troll. These little guys will do everything
they can to make you feel bad, or angry, or sad. They want you to break the rules
so you get kicked off the site. They may call you names through pmail, or pester you on
the boards. The best course of action for you to take is to block the player. Blocking them
prevents you from seeing them on the boards, or having them pmail you. They also cannot
bid on your swaps.

To do this, you need to go to their user lookup. You can either click on their name, or do a
user search of them in the left side bar.

Once you are in their user lookup, click on Account Info. You will see a few options, along
with when they signed up on PP. Among the options is Block Player. Click on it. The player will be instantly blocked.
If you decide to forgive and forget, or if you do it on accident, you can fix it easily.

Click on POCO Center under Chat, and go to Foes. It will list all of the players you currently have
blocked. You can then Remove them from your block list.

***If any player is asking for your password, threatening you, or going through other people or
accounts to harrass you, then you should report it to a staff member. See the guide on filing a
feedback form for details.****

Guide written by Ebil_Lightbulb