What are Peggs?

Peggs can be obtained in the month of April. Peggs can be redeemed for items in the redemption center. You can find peggs on ANY area on the site. You can even find them on the completion page of quests. Your pegg balance will be under your PB balance. You can spend Peggs up to May 1.

How did peggs start?

When Padam took over Cottontail Village, Nova took over part of the town and released the peggs and bunnies. While the bunnies ran away with the peggs they dropped some all over the site. You can find these and redeem them.


-Powerpets Update-

Ever since Padam's take-over last night, the Elder Council hasn't been sitting still. They've known for a while that Padam is not a fan of any type of celebration. Nova was sent out in fatigues to try and save as much of Cottontail Village as possible.

With Hazzard running between the shack and his stack of Peggs, the first rescue was pretty easy. Nova quickly released some of the bunnies from their cages and sent them off with the Peggs. You should have seen Hazzard's face when he realized his prized possessions had been taken away. Nova almost got caught when he could barely hold his laughter. Lucky for him, he was able to maintain his composure and sneak back into the bushes.



While trying to take their Peggs to a safe place, the bunnies seem to have dropped quite a few of them all throughout the cities of Powerpets. It is your job to try and find as many of them as you can. Who knows, you may even be able to turn them in for some cool rewards.

Good luck hunting!

 Now that everyone has started to hunt for Peggs, let's give you a few more details.


  • Peggs can be hidden ANYWHERE!
  • Click on Peggs x/x under your username for more details.
  • You can work with other players to find Peggs.
  • Peggs are hidden in batches. Once all peggs in a batch are found, a new batch is hidden. The leaderboard now contains information on how many peggs are left in a batch, so you know when it's time to start looking again.
  • You can only pick up one pegg out of each batch.
  • The Pegg Redemption Center will restock items as we go. There will be a variety of items available. If you don't like what you see now, try again tomorrow.
  • The Redemption Center will be open until the end of May to give everyone a chance to redeem their Peggs after the hunt is over.

Happy hunting