What is a PF Town?

A PF Town is a town that players of Powerpets can buy land in. There is 11 cities in the Power Federation. You can get land in these cities with a land deed, also refer to "How to obtain land". If you go to the top bar of Powerpets, you can click on "Towns". This will take you to a page with three other places to go.

  • Power Federation
  • My PF Town
  • My Properties

Power Federation:

This area contain the 11 cities that Powerpets players can buy land in. Each city has a mayor that runs the city.

My PF Town:

This is the current town that you live in one Powerpets. If you do not live in a city, it will take you to the Power Federation. [Click Here] to find out about how to obtain land in a city.

My Properties:

This is the properties that you own in a city. You can sell your properties too.


This was wrote by MichaelCrystal.