What is Festivus?



Festivus is very "cool" time of year on PP. Users can set up Festivus trees. They can give out gifts to other players who have their trees up. You can get gifts under your tree! There will be a dead line of when you have to stop handing out gifts. Then, you can open your gifts that users left under your tree. To do this, click on your username. Now, click on "Festivus Tree." Every time you click "open," you will open one gift. I suggest moving all of your items out of your backpack and into your closet before you open your gifts.


During this time of year, you can play a holiday game. This game is called "Winteroo." Lil'roo has hid some items in snowmen! Click on a snowman to see what item it has in it. On the last snowman you click on, the item hidden in it is yours! You can only play this game once a day.