What is Siku Village?




 The Suki Village comes around every year in December. This village contains a bunch of things to do during the month of December. There is a store that sells holiday items. This store is called "The Holiday Shop." Some of the items sold here can be put into Snowscape.


 During the month of December they also have Snowscapes. These Snowscapes are places where you can make your own area where you design everything! Insert all the items you want to that are found on the list that you are given. You will need to add kangabucks to purchse more room for your Snowscape to add more items in it. A winner will be picked every day, in the Site Updates.


They is also an area called "Powerbuck." Here you can pick up poo that a reindeer left behide. Search through it to find Powerbucks! Each pile has a different amount of PowerBucks. You can only play this game once a day.