What is the Cottontail Village

Cottontail Village                      


    Only available in April, Cottontail Village is home to Powerpets' many Easter activities. Once in Cottontail Village you will find yourself visiting multiple times a day. It opened in April 2011, and briefly over run by Padam.


Pegg Redemption Center


   Let us start by exploring the Pegg redemption center. First Introduced in 2011 by PP staff, the center is home to many prizes obtained by finding peggs. When you first enter, you will find a list of instruction explaining how to find these peggs. There is no limit to how many peggs you can find, and they can be hidden anywhere on the site. Once you have found one you are already addicted!

    Below the instructions, you will find a leader board. This not only does it show the leaders but it also shows when there is a new batch hidden. Each batch contains 26 peggs. Once all 26 peggs are found, a new batch is hidden. Can you make it to number one?

    Directly below this is where the pegg redemption begins. Her you can find a wide variety of prizes. Located with each prize is a price and the number is stock. Sometimes items may be out of stock. Do not worry though prizes will be restocked randomly.



The Bunny Game


    The bunny game is an enjoyable game to get you in the mood for Easter. It is very simple to play and you walk out with a prize every time. To play all you have to do is click a frog. Each frog is holding a prize. Prizes range from gummies to stuffies. You are probably wondering why they are frogs and not bunnies. Well I think the picture at the top answers that question.


Bunny Time Shop


    When Cottontail village first opened up, Padam over took the village and drove it into the ground. With Padam vanquished into his shack, the village returned to its former glory. The Bunny shop however was robbed. Most of the items were lost. Therefore, stores from the previous village pitched in and offered some of their left over items. You can also find Peggscape items in the shop as well. Be sure you have enough purchase credits though.




    Fun to decorate, Peggscapes are a great way to show your designing skills. To start your own you must first purchase one. It costs 5 Power credits or 50 Kangabucks. Be sure your Kangabucks are deposited in the NRH. Once purchased, you can begin adding items that are located in list provided (See “All Items”). You can add and remove items anytime, but you have a limit as to how many items you can have. To purchase more room, or the ability to add 5 more items, it costs the same to open it 5 Power credits, or 50 Kangabucks. To make your Peggscape the way you want it, all you have to do once you have added an item is to click décor position and move the item around by dragging it. You do have to ability to push it behind an object by clicking décor depth and clicking the item up until it goes behind the one you want. Be sure you save your Peggscape every time.



In conclusion


    Now that you know all about Cottontail village why not head on over and enjoy all the Easter activities it has to offer.


This was wrote by Thewhip