What is the Poco Center?

The POCO Center is a great place to go when you need to talk to a friend.
Under Chat, click POCO Center.

There, you will see a few different categories.

Pending Friends - This will show you all of the players that have not yet
responded to your friend request. If you are getting impatient, you should send them a polite
pmail telling them about yourself.

Friend Requests - This list is all the players that would like to have you as a

Friends - This page will show you all of your friends, along with a link to pmail them
or look at their swaps and user lookup. If you don't want to be friends with them any
longer, you can also remove them from here.

Foes - This page shows you any enemies that you may have decided to block. If you
want to remove them, you can do it from this page.

Who Has Me? - This page shows you all of the people that have you on their friends or foe list.
You cannot remove yourself from this list.

Account Settings - This takes you to the page where you can change your password,
change your Forum themes and siggy, and change some personal settings.
**If you are a member, you can also change your user image and a few other settings here.

Guide written by Ebil_Lightbulb