Which bank is better?

This question has been a topic for a long time now. I would like to tell you about it. Both banks have their good things and bad things. So Instead of writing about them in a long text guide, I will just tell you the good things and bad things in a more fun way!



 Good Things  Bad Things
 You will get more money in interest  You have to have your money in the bank for month for this to happen.
 You can put a loan up by using one of your expendsive items.  If you dont pay it back in 30 days they will keep it.
- You cannot buy long term bonds.




 Good Things  Bad Things
 You get interest everyday on your money!  You have a very low interest rate.
You can buy long-term bonds. The min. time for these bonds is 30 days.
- You cannot get loans here.


Addition Facts:

Eurobank: When you put up a loan, when you go to pay for the item back, you will pay more than you received in the beginning.

Eurobank: The min. for a loan is 200,000 Pbs in item value. They will only give you about half of that in Pbs.

Eurobank: You cannot remove any of your money in your account if you want to receive interest on that money that month.