Who is the staff on Powerpets?

The following staff is mainly involved with development of Powerpets

TheMetal - Creator
As one of the creators of the site, I am in charge of programming, game development, bug fixes, player administration, player assistance, database administration, server administration, network administration, staff organization and more fun stuff.


SweetFire - Creator
As one of the creators of the site, I am in charge of content additions, staff, and public relations. I am always on the site playing, restocking shops, game challenges, etc.

Jokie - Staff
In August of 2002, I invaded Powerpets. At some point (I forget when) I was made a mod, but now I work on this and that, design and game programming, stuff like that.


Talison - Staff
I joined PowerPets in October 2002. In April of 2003 I was asked to join the Undercover Power Team (moderators with secret identities), and became part of the Security team in July 2003. In addition to championing truth, justice, and the PowerPets way, I write and edit content for the site as well as other odd jobs.


-SC- - Staff
I joined Powerpets in July, 2003. I've been a mod, PA, HM and have now been staff for almost 2 years. Staff members have lots of different jobs, many are behind the scenes. If I had to give myself a title, it would be 'Housekeeper'.


DisneyEvans - Staff
I joined PP in 2003 via a request from a friend. I've been here ever since, submitting art unofficially. Now that I have a staff position you'll see a lot more of my work around the site. I'm quiet, so you won't see a lot of me on the boards, but be assured I am lurking in the dark corners with my sketchbook.


Nebraska - Staff
I joined Powerpets in 2003 (at the same time as my sister, Disney) as a regular player. I submitted art regularly (including cottontails) and am excited to have been given an official staff position! I'm most often found at my computer, with my husky, Gandalf, at my feet. My sister and I rescued him from being put to sleep because he has poor eyesight, as do I. Thanks guys!


christyb2852 - Content Administrator
Hi there! My name is Christy, I've been a member of PowerPets since March 2004. My main passions are cats, chocolate, bingo and chocolate.. Did I mention chocolate? :D You can usually find me on the boards or trying to push SweetFire out of the bingo line


d4rk_saga - Staff
I joined PP in June of 2004. Became a Head Moderator in April 2007 & now Staff in October 2010. I enjoy helping others, doing my best and love to tease players on the Beginner Board, that will never change. My duties are helping PP be safe, its players safety & rules followed, content plus many other duties. I'm a very good multi-tasker, so folks....I will 'still' be an avid restocker, heheh & I will be around lurking as always, posting when one least expects me to pop up.


These staff members are responsible to ensure safety of players on Powerpets

RainbowGlass - Head Moderator
I am one of the Head Moderators (around 3 years). I help with making sure the post on boards follow the rules as well as swap descriptions. I started playing PowerPets back on March 19, 2003. My favorite games on PowerPets are Addition Mission, Sudoku, Word Search, Power Bowler, Crash Down, and Roo's Rush.


Syxx - Head Moderator
I’ve been on PP since 2003. I was a PA for about a year and was asked be to a Head Mod on Sept 25/09. You'll usually find me hiding out on the beginners board or hanging out in the Pet Zone reading about the great pets everyone has.


Dmay - Head Moderator
I have been on PP for over 5 years I was asked to be HM on 5-5-07. I am on every morning and many times throughout the day. I answer questions, assist players when needed, make sure kids are safe on the boards and teach players how to find all of the information available to them on the site.


_HotMama_ - Head Moderator
I joined PowerPets in March 2004. I became a Moderator about 5 months later. My job is to make sure the rules are being followed on the boards. They are afraid to give me any other responsibilites.) :P


Serendipitous - Head Moderator
I have been a part of the PowerPets team in one way or another for around 4 years. As a moderator, I typically lurk about and watch the boards and swaps. I do come out of hiding from time to time and play nice with everyone. I enjoy helping on the boards, but I also like to announce bizarre holidays and play around on the boards too!


WildImmortal - Head Moderator
I've been a member of Powerpets since May 2004 and I've been working as a Moderator since Dec 2004. As a Moderator I spend most of my time on the boards making sure all the posts are following the rules. I spent a lot of time answering questions on all boards. As a Mod I also help test new areas, find bugs, and two of my favorite things; write Pedias and Educat articles. I have a broad schedule and can be found on the site at all hours of the day.

-Twixy- - Head Moderator
I've been on Powerpets sense 2004, I became a PA over a year ago and I really enjoy my job here on Powerpets. I assist players on the PA board, as well as the other boards, I enjoy helping people online and in real life.

AngelxOxBabiie - Head Moderator
I've been on PowerPets since 2004 and I've loved every minute of it. I spent almost two years as a Player Assistant before being promoted to a Head Moderator in September 2009. I spend a majority of my time on the site chatting on the forums, making sure all the rules are being followed, and helping out players when necessary. It's a really rewarding position to have and I work with a really great team of dedicated players!

ImaginationThat - Head Moderator
Hello! I love PowerPets and I am thrilled to be part of the PowerPets Team! You can most often find me on the Player Assistance Board, the Beginner's Board, or the Bingo Chat Board. It is my goal to help everyone enjoy this site as much as I do and to help make sure that it stays a happy, safe, and fun website for all!


These staff members are assigned to help players with every day issues related to Powerpets

-Ella- - Player Assistant
I've been on Powerpets since 2004 and a Player Assistant since October 2006. I answer questions and help players on the PA board. You can usually find me lurking around the Beginners board.


AngellicRozes - Player Assistant
Hello! I'm AngellicRozes! I've been on PowerPets since December of 2004, and its been awesome! I've been a PA since June '09 and I'm loving it! I'm often lurking, and even sneak on while at work to lurk and answer questions. I love to write poetry when the mood strikes me, and I love cartoons.

Dr_Dismal - Player Assistant
"I joined PPs in May 2005 and was honoured to join the PA team in June 2009. I am a proud member of Kuvasz City and hang out there when I am not lurking on the beginners board. I am housekeeper for 3 cats who "help" me to answer player questions by sitting on the computer keyboard when I am trying to type!

Strykker - Player Assistant
Polar bears are my favorite animals, I have 2 on PP. I've been on PP for almost 4 years now. I've been a PA since June 2008. I answer questions and assist players on the PA board and try to help keep the peace and answer questions whenever I'm on the PA board as well. I'm on sporadically throughout the day but mostly during the late night/early morning hours of PP. :)

ravenfireangel - Player Assistant
I've been on Powerpets since August of 2005, but I am a fairly recent addition to the Player Assistant family (as of 2009). I'm a mommy of two, so I can't play as often as I'd like, but I do manage to log on for at least an hour or so a day :-) I tend to be a lurker, but I'm always willing to lend a hand (or make a joke :-P)when needed.

_Miss_star_ - Player Assistant
My real name is Amy, I'm a girl :P I'm one of the top academic learners at my school. I'm more of a cat person then a dog person... But I still love dogs (Especially big ones) I'm from South Africa (And NO.. I do NOT have a lion as a pet.. LOL :P) And in general I'm just weird and crazy and just... Me! :P



Nel - Player Assistant
Hey, I'm Nel! I joined Powetpets in May of 2007 and became a PA in January of 2011. I am currently working on my undergraduate degree in Anthropology with a concentration in forensics. Despite this I still get on and lurk quite often around the beginner's board. You're sure to see me if you hang out there long enough!



Miruchi - Player Assistant
I discovered Powerpets in December 2005, and became a PA in January 2011. My interests and hobbies include chemistry, biology, reading, and puzzles. You can usually find me lurking on the boards or playing Bingo.



rose_rimbauer - Player Assistant
I joined PP in April 2004 and became a PA January 2011. I love to read, write, and enjoy all sorts of art. You'll find me on the Beginner's board responding to posts here and there, since I'm not nearly as good at lurking as some of the other PAs.