Barkchem Quest

Barkchem Quest

While the quest itself might appear easy at first, it is an advanced quest because of the duration and inclining cost as the quest goes on. Citizens participating in this quest need to have a solid bank account, and be willing to spend on short notice. You can find the Barkchem quest in North New Barkston. This is a ONE hour quest so make sure you will have time to complete. If you fail to bring back the item that Padam asks for, you are reset back to zero. If you fail a level on Barkchem, except for the very first level, you will get a prize so you won't walk away empty handed. There are 61 levels for this quest. When you complete all 61 levels, you will receive the Ruby Stone. If you already have the Ruby Stone, you will receive a gift instead.

 Once you've started Barkchem's quest, he asks you for 1 random item, once you get the item, you need to return it to him. There are 61 levels, when you complete all the levels you obtain the Ruby Stone. If you fail a level and forgot about it, considering they give you 60 mins, you will fail the quest and have to start all the way from the first level. And if you fail a level you will recieve an item, they higher the level, the better the fail prize.


Written By: EveIsConfused

What does this quest give me?

  • Shopping Credits
  • You will gain one level!