Creepy Caves

Creepy Caves

The Creepy Caves can be found in Kimberroo. Local archeologist Bungee is a literary fanatic. He will take you on a tour of the Caves if you bring him the items that he requires and answer his question about a published PP book. He might ask for foods, toys, books, or weapons, and if you don't own the book he asks about, you'll need to purchase that as well. You can ask Bungee for a tour every 2 hours, and you can take as long as you like to complete it. During your tour of the Caves, you'll find a Bark Puzzle Piece. Collect all 12 bark puzzle pieces and visit the Riksja Driver in East New Barkston. This can be a very expensive quest if you don't already have the items that he's interested in. However, if you do and give the wrong answer, he'll take your items and you'll lose out on the Puzzle Piece.


Once you've started the Creepy Caves quest, collect the items the quest asks of you. Bring them back and then if you answer the question correctly you will recieve a random Bark Puzzle Piece.


What do I do with Bark Puzzle Pieces?


Go to > Site Map > East New Barkston > Riksja Driver > and once you have collected all 12 Bark Puzzle Pieces, you can hand it to the Riksja Driver and recieve a large amount of Kangabucks!


What do I do with Kangabucks?


Go to Shopping > Nothing Rare Here > And then wait for your Kangabucks to load and then click on them to add them to your Kangabuck Balance.


Where can I spend Kangabucks?


You can go to Shopping > Nothing Rare Here, you can purchase things there with your kbs > Or go to Apparel Outlet, where you can buy apparel for Kbs for your Profile doll or to sell.


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What do I get from this quest?

  • Bark Puzzle Piece 1
  • Bark Puzzle Piece 2
  • Bark Puzzle Piece 3
  • Bark Puzzle Piece 4
  • Bark Puzzle Piece 5
  • Bark Puzzle Piece 6
  • Bark Puzzle Piece 7
  • Bark Puzzle Piece 8
  • Bark Puzzle Piece 9
  • Bark Puzzle Piece 10
  • Bark Puzzle Piece 11
  • Bark Puzzle Piece 12