Lisha's Quest

Lisha's Quest

Head over to Tanos City and try your luck on winning some kangabucks! Lisha gives out Kangabuck coins ranging in value from 1 to 75 Kangabucks.
If you select the Easy level, the items Lisha asks for will be less expensive, however you can only win up to 10 Kangabucks.
If you select the Hard level, Lisha may ask for drinks of any value, but you have a chance of winning from 6 to 75 Kangabucks.

Certain quests required the use of Petpedias and Healthpedias. You will need to have the specific pedia requested on each quest, in your bookshelf. Please note that Lisha's quest can be difficult as she can ask you for an unbuyable item once in a while. You'll only have three days to complete her coin quest. After three days are up, you'll have to start a new quest. So go ahead and check out Lisha in Tanos.

The pet and healthpedias can be purchased from players shops or you can get them from the Librarian (North New Barkston).

Once you get to Lisha's quest, there will be 2 options, HARD or EASY, Easy means that she will make you get her cheap drinkable items. And if you do Hard, she will make you get her, either cheap items if luck or otherwise expensive items. If you do the easy quest for her, you can get up to  1-10 Kangabucks. If you do the Hard quest, you can recieve 1-75 Kangabucks. And then after you bring her items, she will ask you a Pet or Health Pedia question, when you answer it correctly, she will award you your Kangabucks that you deserve.


Written By: EveIsConfused