Ratti's Quest

Ratti's Quest

Head on over to Abyss and talk to Ratti to do her quest. Ratti loves to read and will ask for random books. When you bring them back to her she will give you one petpedia or healthpedia. You will need to put this on your bookshelf, as they are required to complete other quests. There is no time limit for this quest!

Once you've started Ratti's quest, she will ask you for 2 books. Bring those back to her and recieve a PetPedia or HealthPedia in return.


Written By: EveIsConfused

What will I get from this quest?

  • HealthPedia - Bear
    HealthPedia - Bird
    HealthPedia - Bovine
    HealthPedia - Camelidae
    Healthpedia - Cat
    HealthPedia - Cervidae
    HealthPedia - Chelonia
    Healthpedia - Cricetidae
    HealthPedia - Crocodylidae
    HealthPedia - Delphinidae
    Healthpedia - Dog
    HealthPedia - Elephant
    HealthPedia - Equine
    HealthPedia - Giraffidae
    HealthPedia - Hyaenidae
    HealthPedia - Hystricidae
    Healthpedia - Leporidae
    HealthPedia - Marsupial
    HealthPedia - Mephitidae
    HealthPedia - Monotremata
    Healthpedia - Mustelidae
    HealthPedia - Otariidae
    HealthPedia - Primates
    HealthPedia - Procyonidae
    HealthPedia - Rhinocerotidae
    HealthPedia - Suidae
    Healthpedia - Wild Canine
    HealthPedia - Wild Cats
    HealthPedia - Viverridae
  • PetPedia's (any)