Sharkfather Quest

Sharkfather Quest

Sharkfather lives in Abyss after he was released from jail for coral smuggling. He has his own quest and if you are nice and complete it he may reward you.

If you are brave enough, head to Abyss and do Sharkfather's quest. He will ask you for some Shark-o-bell food. After you give him the food, he will ask you a question from one of the Power Federation Stories. You must have a library card from the city where the question comes from or you will not be able to view the story.

Go to the library in the Power Federation. Search for the story you need in that city's book list. Click on Buy next to the story to buy the story you need. Read it carefully to answer Sharkfather's question.

You can do the Sharkfather quest every 12 hours.


When you begin Sharkfather's quest, you will need to be carrying a shark-o-bell item(which is located in Abyss) when you have one, click the shark-o-bell item you want to give to him to begin the quest, he will then ask you a question which is about a PFC book that a player wrote previously, when have it on your PFC bookshelf, you will need to go back to the quest and then click the drop down box and select the correct answer. If answer correctly, you will recieve a RANDOM item from him. And if you obtained the Ruby Stone, if you can complete his quest, randomly he will move the stone to your primary pet. And if you do his quest enough, you can conquer the conquest, Sharkfather.


Written By: EveIsConfused