Sheepherder's Quest

Sheepherder's Quest

Sheffield the Sheep Herder works hard herding his sheep day in and day out. While he herds all his sheep he often finds interesting plants in the mountains of Kimberroo. These plants can be used in the Berry Box in Kimberroo. If you want these plants, you are going to have to give him a few gifts. Also to prove that you are worthy of receiving his plants, he will also ask you a question about an animal in Kimberroo. You can visit the Sheep Herder once every 4 hours and there is no time limit to complete the quest.

Certain quests required the use of Petpedias and Healthpedias. You will need to have the specific pedia requested on each quest, in your bookshelf.


When you begin the Sheepherder's quest, you need to collect the items he asks for, bring them back to him, and recieve a random Berry for the berry box. These berries are valuable!


Written By: EveIsConfused


What will I get from this quest?

  • Berries (any)