Shipwreck Quest

Shipwreck Quest

In 1572, a British Naval Ship sunk a Pirate ship. The entire crew was captured except for the captain who went down with his ship.
The wreck ended up right near Abyss. Now, divers are exploring the wreck to see what treasure it may hold, if any. If you want to explore the wreck, head over to Abyss and find the shipwreck.

When you begin the Shipwreck quest, you need to have a weapon that they ask for. They don't give you the exact name, but for Example:5 Diamond Damage, it should be in BOLD TEXT. So, collect an item that has that kind of ability and when you return, the quest asks you a question from a random PFC book that a player has written previously. You will need to have the library card that they say what city it's in. So if they said, Question: What is the name of the main character? It will have a drop down box and you will need to have the book on your PFC bookshelf. And when you answer the question correctly, you will recieve a RANDOM pearl.


Where can I use a Pearl?


You go to Site Map > Abyss > Shark-o-bell > And you can purchase a Shark-o-Bell meal with the pearl you have in your backpack.


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What items can I get from this quest?

  • Blue Pearl
  • Red Pearl
  • Orange Pearl
  • Green Pearl