Tea Ceremony Quest

Tea Ceremony Quest

Head over to Xiang Chung-Shi and enter Akina's Hut. You will need to be in possession of a Tea Ceremony Invitation to do this quest. To find a Tea Ceremony Invitation, you will need to visit the Job Agency in East New Barkston. If you are lucky enough, you might get something good out of it. You can do this quest every 90 minutes.


Enter Akina's hut in Xiang Chung-Shi and make sure you are carrying a Tea Ceremony Invitation so you can begin the quest. Bring the items she wishes to have back to her. After you returned the items she needs, she will ask you a question. Answer that question correctly and recieve a Brown Bag Dispenser coin.


What to do with a Brown Bag Dispenser Coin?


Go to Site Map > Xiang Chung-Shi > Vending Machine. When at the vending machine, insert it into the machine and click the nose of the animal to recieve your special item that you get in return of your Brown Bag Dispenser Coin. Also Known As: BBDC.


Written By: EveIsConfused


What will I get from this quest?

  • Brown Bag Dispencer Coin