Tumid's Quest

Tumid's Quest

It is rumored that Tumid the Puffin has Library Cards hidden in the ice! Who knew puffins were such avid readers! If you find Tumid (in Noorvik) and bring him the items he needs, along with the answer to his question, he will repay you with one of these cool items. In order to do this quest you need to have the Noorvik Pedia requested on your bookshelf. To get these books, you can do Runa's Quest or purchase from players. You will need to answer questions from these books to complete the quest. Tumid will ask you to bring him some food items, be careful as some of these items can be expensive. You can do Tumid’s Quest every 6 hours. There is no time limit for this quest. Make sure you read the books carefully because if you answer the question wrong you may walk away with only a piece of firewood.

When you start Tumid's quest and collect all the items he asks of you, you go and return the items to him and answer one of his questions he has for you, in order to recieve one of his Library Cards that you can use if you go to your PFC Library.

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What will I get from this quest?

  • Library Cards (any)