Is Padam aggravating you with the Vampire Fur Tonic he created that is on one of your pets? Do you want the Vampire Fur Tonic removed from your pet?

There is one way to remove this tonic. The Elder Council and Kyla have worked very hard and found a solution to removing a Vampire Fur Tonic off of a pet. You do not have to be an Elite to go through the process of having your Vampire Fur Tonic removed.

The Elder Council and Kyla can be found in the Power Temple in Xiang Chung-Shi. Make sure that the pet that you want the tonic removed from is your Primary Pet. When you ask Kyla for the Vampire Fur Tonic removed off of your pet, she will ask you for a very rare item since this process is not free.

Once the item Kyla asked for is in your backpack, go back to the Elder Council and give the item to Kyla. If the process has been a success, you will get a message saying "Your Vampire Fur Tonic has been removed." If it was not a success, the only reason would be: You don't have the item Kyla asked for in your backpack.

How to feed and play with a Vampire pet.

Don't panic if your Vampire pet is not eating or playing. Vampires need to eat Pouches of Blood and Vials of Blood. I prefer using the Pouch of Blood on Vampire pets instead because they don't get as hungry. They can only play in PlayZones. If I were you, I would use the cheap PlayZones.

Does your friend on PP have a Vampire pet? Do you want to use your drinks, food, or toys on their Vampire pets? I am sorry, but all vampire pets are unfriendly. You can not play with them or feed them. Even if you have a Pouch of Blood or Vail of Blood, they will not take it.


This was written by -StarFlight-