Firefox Looks Great!

05/15/2011 12:28
Firefox Looks Great! Firefox looks great on our site! It is now the featured browser of Powerpets Plus. The reason for this is that we use firefox as our browser to edit and add pages to our site. We guarantee that everything on Powerpets Plus will look great when your using Mozilla Firefox®. If...

Powerpets Plus Report!

04/30/2011 15:17
Powerpets Plus Report! Due to the hundreds of people that use this helpsite for Powerpets, we will be increasing the size of the site! This may result in some pages not appearing right on your computer screen! When this happens you should reload. If that doesn't do anything then you should...

New Admin!

04/29/2011 20:10
I have just been promoted to Admin of the site. I just want to say that I will be doing everything I can for the site and the staff. If anybody needs to get ahold of me, please feel free to pmail me. Ebil_Lightbulb out! XD Ebil_Lightbulb - Admin ...

Easter Theme!

03/31/2011 20:17
Well, another month has passed. We are going to add a new theme to the site again. This will be the header of Powerpets Plus this month! This will be the repeated background on the site. It is very pretty! Enjoy!    

St. Patricks Day Theme

03/13/2011 04:12
St. Patricks Day is just around the corner! So this month we changed the theme to a greenish theme. This Banner will be be the header of the site.  This is the repeated background for the site, this will only last once so enjoy it while it lasts! Powerpets Plus Team hopes you...

Love Theme!

02/04/2011 17:16
Love Theme We have switched the theme of this site to love for this month only! We hope you like it! We are currently working on a button that will allow all users to change the site backgrounds, just like you can at Powerpets! We are not sure at this moment when we will get it or if we will get...


01/30/2011 14:07
Welcome Welcome to Powerpets Plus! We are very happy that you are using this site right now. We hope you enjoy your time here, and find everything you need. If you find any glitches please p-mail them to MichaelCrystal on Powerpets. PPP staff have worked very hard to make this site for you so...
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