How do I armor my pet?

The New Barkston Armory is the place to go if you intend to allow your pet to battle. Armor is very important in order to keep your pet safe from injury. All normal Armor materials are accepted (diamonds, bars of steel, bars of titanium and leather strips), along with a fee for the armorer's service.

Drop off the material and place the order, and Azul, the Armorer will let you know when it will be finished so that you can come back to pick it up. The more heavily armored your pet is, the more complicated it becomes to add more material, so the time to complete the job will lengthen.

The fee will rise according to how long it will take Azul the Armorer to apply the armor to your pet. This is well worth the cost and the time invested in order to keep your pet safe from harm.

Each time you armor your pet(s) you will gain Purchase Credits. The number of purchase credits will depend upon the Armor Level of the pet you are armoring. The higher the Armor level the more Purchase Credits you will receive. Be sure to use the Extra Purchase Credits before midnight or you will lose them.