How do I use a Fur Tonic? 


 Are you bored with your pet’s fur color? No problem! We have a fully detailed guide on changing your pets color! All you need is the fur tonic you want on your pet in your backpack. Click on “World Map” on your left side menu. Go to the city called Xiang Chung-Shi. This city can be located in Asia. The building left of the water fall is the Grooming Parlor. You can come here to change your pet’s fur color using tonics. If you want a full list of the tonics, we have one here on PPPlus. You can find this list in the Tonics/Rinses section. Click “Fur Tonics” for the full list if every Fur Tonic on PP.

  Once you are there, you will find Marci behind a desk. Please click on the pet that you are going to change the Fur Tonic on. Click the left or right arrows until you get to the tonic you have in your backpack. Then click “Activate.” Now, your pet is ready to go! Marci, (on the right side), will say “Grooming Success! Look how pretty your pet is now.” To look at your pet, you can click on your username on the top left of your screen. You will be lead to your profile. The pets’ page will pop up. Does one of your pets look a little bit different? Probably the change in fur color.

 If you don’t get that message, make sure you have the right tonic in your backpack. Marci will say “Grooming Failed – You do not have the proper fur tonic on-hands.” Double check to see if you have the tonic you were on in your backpack. You can view your backpack by placing your mouse over the “Items” icon at the top of your screen. Then click on “Backpack.”

 Do you get a message that is not one that is listed? You know your grooming was a fail. There can be only one thing. Your pet is a Vampire pet. Please go back to the tonics section and click on “Vampire Fur Tonic ‘Curse’.” Read the information that comes onto the screen. You can NOT change a fur tonic on a Vampire pet. Use the guide there to remove your tonic.

 Did you get no message at all? You know your page is fully loaded. That’s because you didn’t click on “Activate.” Now Marci should be saying something now.

This was wrote by -StarFlight-