To-Do List

The Shack

It is time to visit Padam's Shack in North New Barkston. You can go there several times a day to pick up armor, scratch cards, job cards and more. It's fast, free and easy!





Clean up the Northern Woods of North New Barkston. You can go there several times a day. Who knows what you might find.





Visit Kyla in Xiang Chung-Shi. She loves visitors. She might give you some knowledge and item or even a bag full of Powerbucks. You can visit her several times a day.





Play games to earn Game Tokens. You can convert these tokens to Powerbucks at the NBIC in North New Barkston.
Most games can be played up to five times every day and earn you up to 10,000 tokens each time. In a few days, you too could be a millionaire!




Collect Luck of the Draw tickets and enter them at the House of Luck in Badgeria for your chance to win a trophy and a 250,000 PB Jackpot.





Quests can be a great source of income or a great way to gather valuable items at a low cost. Many quests can be found all throughout the cities. Quest for puzzle pieces are often most profitable. Complete at least two quests daily.




As part of the mystery of the Five Stones, you have to obtain the Ruby Stone. This stone is obtained by completing the Barkchem Quest in North New Barkston and will take about two months to obtain.





As part of the mystery of the Five Stones, you have to obtain the Sapphire Stone. This stone is obtained by completing one job cycle (300 jobs) at the Job Agency in East New Barkston. Visit Kyla and Padam's Shack often to collect free Job Agency Power Cards.




Become supreme elite for extra benefits such as adopting limited edition pets and extra shops. Check out the Power Temple to find out how.





Build Playzones, Restaurants or Industrial buildings to generate resources or use resources and get customers.
Check the status of your residential or commercial buildings often. You can only earn Powerbucks if you actually use them. It's fast and easy!




Invest in the stock market to grow your powerbucks overnight. Make sure you check out a stock's history to anticipate if it will go up or down. Check out POWEX in Kimberroo.





A good pet must be able to defend itself. Equip armor on your pets at the Armory in North New Barkston to ensure your pet does not get injured during a training fight with other pets or special PESTS at the Power Dome in Tanos.




Participate in Polls at the Poll Booth in Xiang Chung-Shi. Not only do your answers help shape the future of Powerpets, you also get powerbucks just for giving us your opinion!




Read Site Update every time you come on the site. They contain the news about all the latest released items, areas and updates and changes that may have happened. Site updates are issued several times each day.




There is room for you to put up a contest in your city! They are not only fun, they also help increase the treasury of the city you live in. Check out your contests now.