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The Advice Column will continuously be updated as our writers continue to add more guides and articles to this section. This section of the site is dedicated for us writers to give our advice to you, the reader/Powerpets player. While some of our ideas may agree with each other, each of our writers will have different point of views, so you’ll find different ways of looking at  things on this site. If you have any special requests, just pmail -AngelicDragon- and she will get one of the writers answering your question.

Our Advisors


07/04/2011 17:37
Hello there(: Some of you may recognize me from the boards, both Beginners, Pony, and even occasionally the Shops or Power Federation Board. For those who don't know me, I am known as the one and only AngelicDragon, AD, or even Dragon. I first started on 7/24/2005, but I took a break for awhile,...


07/04/2011 17:34
My name is Hawaiian_Kim and I have been playing powerpets since June 1st 2006 on this account but have been playing since early 2005! Even though I tend to keep to myself I love to help people on powerpets! On Powerpets you can always see me around on the swap barn and I am a hardcore trader on...


07/26/2011 14:46
Hi, I'm Lady_Sapphira. You can usually find me on the boards chatting with buddies or answering Powerpets questions. I try my best to participate in everything on this site. I enjoy helping players get the most out of Powerpets and be happy here.

Featuring the Cities

Kim's Mayor Survey - July

07/26/2011 14:57
Cities questioned in this month's survey conducted by: Hawaiian_Kim: Kuvasz, Eagle, and Somali. Hello, My name is Hawaiian_Kim or HK and over the past few weeks, I have been interviewing the current mayors of PP cities. I asked them a series of questions, which I will post below and they answered...

Hawaiian_Kim's Advice

Need Help Making Profits?

07/04/2011 19:54
My name is Hawaiian_Kim or Kimmie and the guide below are my personal opinions and experiences when it comes to making profit on Powerpets. I have been actively trading for about 4-5 years now and that is one of my passions/things I like to do on powerpets. Some people who read this may...

Lady_Sapphira's Advice

Making the Money

07/26/2011 14:55
These are my personal experiences in making Powerpets profits. Make sure to armor your pets, do lots of quest, and apply for jobs to gather up a good amount of purchase credits to spend in wholesale shops. When I spend all of my purchase credits and still feel like buying to sell via wholesale...