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So you want to join Powerpets Plus's Team? Well, it isn't all fun and games like you might think. Unless you meet the standards for becoming one, you will frankly be overlooked when we look for staff. Please do not bug our great staff with PMails asking to become a staff member. Even if you do have everything we require you to have as a staff member, do not send our staff PMails!  Here is the standards of staff that you must meet to become staff:

  • You must have been on Powerpets for over 1 year.
  • You must be of some help to the site, not just here to say your staff.
  • You must be old enough to p-mail.
  • You must be online more than twice a week.
  • You must have at least 1 of the 5 stones on Powerpets to show that you are dedicated to Powerpets.
  • You need to have done at least 10 conquests.
  • You need to use proper language.
  • You must always have a smile. =)

As long as you meet these standards you may apply only if the following says there are open positions.

There are 1 Position(s) available!


Assistant: If you would like to take this just and you meet all the standards, you will need to be online often. This job requires people skills. You will be gathering information from other players about cities, games, etc. You will help update certain areas of the site, that need them.

Sorry! There is currently no open positions for staff, check back later! Thank You!


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To apply for a job,    please check that you meet all the requirements first. If you do you may proceed and click the below text, that will take you to the jop app. Thank You.