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Owner: Joined PPP: July 3, 2010 Powerpets Player *Retired*   This Staff has shown exceedingly great effort to the site in writing guides. This staff wrote 5 guides as of 4/22/2011.  Trophy: Bronze Writing...


Hello! Please read my adobe flash player article below. Don't have adobe flash player? Just PMail me asking your question.


  Editor: Joined PPP: March 12, 2011 Powerpets Player     This staff doesn't have a personal area.  


I am Lady_Sapphira, who loves black and Jonathan Davis. I am very passionate about Powerpets and I enjoy spending my time talking on the boards.  


Hello, I am UnicornQueen (The one and only one). I have been a member of Powerpets since 9-30-2004. One of my very many passions is animals. I am a Certified Veterinary Assistant, so I know a lot about animals, including animals that live in the wild, so always feel free to Pmail me regarding...


Hi! Kittygirl14 here, I've been on Powerpets for many years, numbering about 7 or so now. I love this game and am on it nearly every day. I enjoy helping people, which is why I've joined on to write guides for this fine site. If you need any help, feel free to let me know!


I joined Powerpets in 12/19/2008 when a real life friend showed me the site and I have been playing ever since. I now live in Labby City.  

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