Buying and selling pets


To sell a pet you have to be a breeder which means you have to have a breeders licence which you can get from the Power Temple for 1 Power Temple Token.
Once you have your licence you can head over to Tanos to the Breeder Building and sell your pet, your pet must be trained well and powerful. A pet must have a value of at least $150,000 PB before it can be placed for sale.
Bidding will start at 80% of the pet's list value. There is no limit as to how high in value it can go. The bidding will continue until the pet is sold. If no bidding starts after two days, the original owner will be able to pick it up in the Breeders section.
When you place a bid on a pet, it must remain the highest bid for 4 - 5 minutes, before the pet is won by the bidder. If another bid is placed, the 4 - 5 minutes starts over.
Breeders and Non-Breeders must have the allotted amount of space (boosters) to purchase more than four pets. You can get the boosters from the Power Temple in Xiang Chung-Shi.
An extra Pet booster costs 3 Power Temple Tokens


Written by: Sapphire-Moon