Simply Delicious
This is the small building in the back, between the Adoption Center and the Poco center. There you can purchase various types of food and snacks for your pet when it gets hungry.

Adoption Center
This is the medium sized building beside Simply Delicious. There you can adopt an African pet for a fee of 10,000 powerbucks. The pets that show 'not available' can only become one of your pets, if you take one of your current pets to the DNA machine in Mini City, and get the DNA match correct.

PoCo Center
This is the slightly larger building on the left side of Simply Delicious. There you can see your friends list, and you can see who's friend list you are on. You can also see who you have sent friend requests to, and you can change your account settings.

Breeders Pet Auction
This is the small hut with the hay thatched roof. There you can view and bid on pets from a breeder. To place a bet, just simply click on bid. If no one matches or exceeds your bet, and the auction is over, the pet is yours!

Weapons Store
This is the medium sized building with the crossbow on the roof and the glass windows. There you can purchase various weapons for your pet when you want it to participate in a fight inside the Power Dome!

Power Dome
This is the large, Coliseum-like building. There you can enter your pet in a fight! Your pet must have decent armor and weapons. Once you have some armor on your pet and you have purchased weapons, equip the weapons to your pet by clicking the 'Select Weapons' tab. Then you can create a face-off and wait for players to join up, or you can join a face-off and do practice fights or join a fight someone else has created. Once you are in a fight, you can pick the strength and direction of your attack. If you watch your opponent, dodge their attacks, and time your attacks right, you will be victorious.

Digging Site
This is the square hole, that Miles is sitting over. There you can join Miles in digging for old dinosaur bones! Once you click the Miles you can, view your current skeletons, watch the leaderboard, or dig for more bones! To begin digging, click the 'Start Dig' tab. Pick a square in the ground and click on it. Once you do, Miles will ask you for a food item to place at the top of the square so ants will dig up, after the food and loosen the dirt, making it easier to dig. You can purchase the food in Simply Delicious or in a player shop. Once the food item is in your backpack, give it to Miles and you will gain another piece of the dinosaur!

Lisha's Coin Quest
This is the pile of rocks and Kangabucks, Lisha is standing over. There you can do an easy version of the quest or a hard version. Hard will earn you more Kangabucks if you can complete the quest. Once you pick which version of the quest you want, Lisha will ask you for something to drink. You must go and obtain the items in player shops or the Hydration Station in East New Barkston. Once you have all the required items that Lisha asked for, give them to her and she will reward you with Kangabucks.

By: Zuri995