Upgraded accounts


Account upgrades can be purchased three ways – With PowerCredits, PC coins, or an account upgrade token. PowerCredits require real money, whereas you can buy PC coins and account upgrade tokens with PB. Members, or players with upgraded accounts, get the following benefits:
• Beta test program
• PoCo Junior/PoCo 21 (whichever applies to you)
• Advanced PMail
  Have 100 PMails in your mailbox and 200 saved PMails
• Larger Backpack
  Have 100 items in backpack
• Be able to create 50 swaps at a time and no monetary value limit on giftswaps to other upgraded accounts
• Add 100 friends and hide your online status
• Store 5000 items in your closet
• Stock up to 500 identical items in your shops
• Purchase up to 200 items a day from Point Taken
• Access all POWEX stocks
• Have up to 50 tools in your toolbox
• Have up to 50 items on your wishlist
• Host 12 auctions at once
• Access all levels of games and cash out up to 10 times
• Monthly vault code for a gold statue
  • Challenge Herman 20 times a day


Written by: Puppyluver_22